Speaking about Bali, what is the first thing that comes up in your mind? Is it its beaches or their culture? That’s normal. Bali is well-known because of those two. However, Bali also holds another amazing thing you should try. It’s a trekking adventure. Try the Bali trekking tour and you will find how satisfying you will be at the end of your tour.

In the trekking tour package you can find, you can visit many places for trekking adventure. But, if we have to choose, we would like to recommend the 3 best trekking tour you can try in Bali. It’s the trekking tour to Mount Batur, Mount Abang, and Mount Agung.

Mount Batur

Known as the easiest trekking track among the three mountains. It is also the shortest, so, you don’t need to spend too much time to reach its peak. The trekking route isn’t that hard. But, it is challenging you physically. So, make sure you prepare everything before starting your mount Batur Bali trekking tour.

Mount Batur
Mount Batur Bali

At the top of the mountain, you will find one of the most beautiful sunrise scenery. Moreover, you also can visit the hot springs during your decent. Just make sure the package that you use has this hot springs visit as one of their service.

Mount Abang

Prepare for the hardest trekking route you have to endure during your bali trekking tour. The coolest thing about trekking in Mount Abang is the route. It goes through the forest. So, you will feel the real adventure here. But, mostly, you won’t be able to see your surrounding too much because it’s still dark. You will start trekking at dawn, which also makes it hard to do because the weather and temperature are really cold.

Talking about the weather, if you climb when the weather is bad or rain, you will face another challenge. It is the muddy road. It will hard to walk on. But, don’t worry. Just follow your guide instruction, and you won’t have any problem.

Mount Abang
Mount Batur view from peak of Mount Abang

Mount Agung

This is the main course of the whole bali trekking tour packages. Why? Mount Agung is the highest mountain in Bali. So, you can expect the longest trekking route. And, guess what, you will get it. The trekking route in this mountain is the longest. Therefore, the tour company will pick you up before midnight and start climbing at midnight. Prepare yourself for a fun and happy 6 hours climbing.

Mount Agung
Mount Agung Bali, 3142 meters above sea level

Mount Agung is also the most sacred mountain in Bali. Balinese see it as the center of the world. And, all the temples you can find in Bali were built to face this mountain. Maybe, you won’t believe the amazing effect of the spiritual energy in Mount Agung. But, once you try this mountain as one of the destinations in your bali trekking tour, you will realize that that the effect really exists.

The 6 hours of climbing that end up with beautiful sunrise scenery you can see is like a journey to cleanse your body and soul. Challenge the trekking route, enjoy the beautiful sunrise, and return as a new better person. This is the true essence of Bali trekking.

The Trekking Tour Company

Now, you know the amazing side of Bali trekking adventure. And, you can enjoy them with the help from Bali Trekking Trip. This company has the best package especially for mount batur bali trekking tour. Moreover, they also provide the trekking package for all those three mountains. So, you can get everything from this company. Are you ready to start your adventure in Bali’s mountains? You can start it by using this company package for your trekking adventure.

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