Having a Bali volcano hike is the thing that most people would dream of since it is one of the best things to do during a visit on the island. Bali is actually a lovely island where you can find beautiful beaches to sunbathe and crystal-clear seas to snorkel. With such features, you may question the reason to climb a mountain on the island. Well, actually, the island has many volcanoes that you should go to and most of them offer beautiful scenery once you managed to reach their peak. Well, if you wish to know which volcanoes to find, you should read this article to finish!

  1. Mount Batukaru

The first volcano that you should consider visiting for a Bali volcano hike is the mountain which is located in the regency of Tabanan. Located at the eastern side of the island, Mount Batukaru is an interesting place to visit since it is the second-highest mountain you can find during your vacation in Bali. When it comes to the view, Mount Batukaru is actually pretty different compared to most other volcanoes on the island since it is surrounded with a dense forest. However, this means that finding a point as a lookout for this volcano pretty difficult. Therefore, people who are in search for Instagrammable objects must prepare themselves to get disappointed. However, this mountain is recommended as a place for Bali volcano hike if you like a place where not many people have contaminated it.

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  1. Mount Catur

The second volcano that you should try climbing when you are in Bali would be the Mount Catur. This volcano is an awesome one to climb on since it is surrounded with breathtaking tourist attractions. Some of the interesting places surrounding the volcano are the Japanese Cave or Gua Jepang (named after its function during the World War 2 by the Japanese- as a place to dwell by the soldiers), the Lake Bratan or the Bratan Caldera (a dead caldera which is filled with water and has transformed into a lake), and a Hindu temple near the lake. If you wish to climb a mountain for Bali volcano hike while searching for beautiful objects for your Instagram account, then, this volcano is the place that suits you perfectly since it has plenty of them. A thing to note, though: you may get a strange experience when climbing this one since this mountain is too easy for experienced climbers while still too challenging for newbies.

  1. Mount Agung

Mount Agung is the place where you wish to visit if you for an above-average climbing experience. Definitely, this mountain, which is located at the regency of Karangasem, will be able to drain your sweat since this is the tallest mountain on the island of Bali and the skills required to beat it are not a joke. This mountain is actually pretty difficult for your Bali volcano hike since the terrain is absolutely tough; you will have to traverse through a thick forest, a boulder-rich track, and the steep terrain which you should go through in order to reach the peak of the volcano. However, the reward offered after you succeed is second to none! Unfortunately, due to the extreme challenges of the volcano, you should not come here if you are still new in mountain climbing.

  1. Mount Batur

Although the track you need to beat in order to reach the peak of Mount Batur is not easy at all, mount Batur Bali volcano hike is actually the most climbed mountain on the island of Bali. The reason why it is the most climbed mountain is that it has the best sunrise that you can enjoy after reaching the peak. Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on your perspective), the mountain is actually less challenging to conquer when compared to the other volcanoes mentioned earlier. Nevertheless, hiring a tour service such as Bali Trekking Trip is a good idea since a good trip company will help you traversing the mountain more easily. Well, have you chosen the volcano which suits your Bali volcano hike?

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