There are several things you need to figure out before you are having a Bali volcano tour.  Well, since Bali is located within the archipelago of the Republic of Indonesia, then, you must have guessed that it has one or more volcanoes as well; and that is absolutely correct! For your information, this considerably-sized island has several volcanoes that are worth visiting, especially the Mount Batur and Mount Agung. In order to make your experience better, there are several things that you should be aware of.

  1. The difficulty to have a volcano tour

The list will be started with the first thing you need to know: the difficulty of climbing a mountain. Well, before you can start your Bali volcano tour, you need to ensure that you are up to this since having a tour on a mountain must include a climbing activity, and mountain climbing is not exactly an easy activity. The thing is, most people think that if their cardio level is decent enough, then, it would be not too difficult for them to climb a mountain. Unfortunately, such an argument is actually not always the case since it depends on the mountain that you wish to go to. Some of the volcanoes on the island of Bali are actually pretty difficult to master and they require some skills.

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  1. Clothes that you need to wear

The next things that you need to know before having a Bali volcano tour are the clothes that you need to wear when climbing the mountain of your choice. Definitely, you are well-aware that a mountain is a place where it would be difficult to predict the weather around since it usually changes quickly, are you not? Therefore, planning your clothes is not a trivial thing and it must be conducted carefully. Although it would be simpler when it comes to the pants since you can wear any pants that are meant to be worn during exercise, choosing the footwear is more difficult since you are only allowed to wear hiking boots. Besides, you may want to wear a jacket in case it becomes too cold. Also, make sure you carry a rain coat during Bali volcano tour since it may rain anytime!

  1. Equipment to carry

Figuring out the equipment to carry when climbing a mountain is actually also a thing you need to do since you would not last too long without important items to help you. As with other outdoor activities, carrying a set of waterproof equipment is a must since you would never know when the rain would come down. Also, definitely, since this activity is going to drain your stamina, you should bring a bottle of drinking water and some foods or snacks to make you stay nourished all the time. Besides, when having a mount Batur Bali volcano tour, it is important to carry a flash light, especially a headlamp. Well, a standard handheld flashlight would do, but a headlamp is the best option since it allows you to operate it even when both of your hands are fully occupied.

  1. A tour service that you need to hire

Unless you are an extremely experienced climber, it is recommended that you hire a tour service to accompany your journey. Hiring a tour service is actually a good thing for you since it gives you several benefits, such as picking up and drop-off services, a local who works as your guide, some essential equipment, and nourishments such as a breakfast or some snacks. Talking about a tour service, then, you may want to contact Bali Trekking Trip to make you a better experience since it allows you to have a Bali volcano tour with the best safety!

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