You may choose hiking in Bali from Seminyak to feel something different while spending time in Bali. For example, you can take a chance to hike to Mount Batur. The location is close to Seminyak and it is a perfect example for those who love to enjoy the mountain, forest, river, waterfall, and any natural resources. It is better to hike to Mount Batur with a professional tour guide and service such as Bali Trekking Trips. There are several interesting things you can do when you are following hiking to Mount Batur. Just check the detail below to know the excitement of hiking to Mount Batur.

Mount Batur Camping Package

Mount Batur camping package is favorite hiking in Bali Seminyak offered by Bali Trekking Trips. Most travelers choose this package because they can enjoy the beauty of the mount a little bit longer. In this case, you can enjoy the spectacular sensation in the morning as well as at night. You begin the exploration in the evening and you don’t need to go anywhere because the tour guide picks you up at the hotel. Then, you can enjoy the evening and night atmosphere in Mount Batur including the sensation of enjoying dinner outdoor with the nature of the Mount as the background. Then, you can take a rest and wait for the sunrise. You have to wake up early in the morning and be the eye witness of the amazing sunrise at the peak of Mount Batur.

mount batur camping
Mount Batur camping at summit

Combination Package

It is also unique hiking in Bali Seminyak you feel if you take the service offered by Bali Trekking Trips. In this case, you are about to feel the sensation of trekking to the peak of Mount Batur with white water rafting. You just need to spend a day to join this trekking package. First, the tour guide shows the beauty of the Mount Batur in the morning including letting you capture the amazing sunrise and explore the active volcano. Second, you will be guided to the river at Ubud Ayung where you will do rafting there. Before that, you are going to the restaurant namely Lake View Restaurant to enjoy breakfast.

Trekking and Hot Spring Package

Joining Mount Batur and hot spring package is also a great outdoor activity you can do while spending time in Bali. This is super exciting Bali hiking tour because you know the difficulty to get to the peak of Mount Batur. After enjoying the surrounding of the volcano Mountain, your personal tour guide brings you to a hot spring. In this case, you are about to go to a certain place namely Toya Devasya Natural Hot Spring. You can relax and refresh your energy after hiking by taking a shower or bath there. After that, you can go to the Lake View Restaurant to enjoy all you can eat menu for lunch.

Luwak Coffee Plantation

If you still have enough energy, you can ask your personal tour guide to go to the coffee plantation as the part of the hiking in Bali Seminyak by Bali Trekking Trips. It is a special coffee plantation because you are about to see the making of the most expensive coffee in the world. This is also your great opportunity to see the animal called Luwak which helps the making process. After exploring the plantation and learning the making process, you can drink a cup of Luwak coffee there. It is fresh from the oven!

The point is that joining hiking in Bali Seminyak is a great option to explore Bali from a different side. The most important thing is that you have to choose a trusted hiking service. Bali Trekking Trips is a reputable trekking service in Bali along with enough experience, well-managed itinerary, and professional tour guide. In the end, you will get a wonderful experience while hiking in Bali Seminyak, especially to the Mount Batur.

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