Mount Batur Camping Tour


mount batur camping tours

Mount Batur is not only seen beautifully from the distance, is a common object in tour and travel to Kintamani, but it also gets interesting to enjoy closer. It is like enjoying the beauty of the crater and natural beauty from the top of Mount Batur. Moreover, there are many travel agents offering Mount Batur camping tour. You can enjoy the beauty of that mount maximally.

What Is Mount Batur?

What do you know about Mount Batur? It is an active volcano with a height of 1.717 meters. If you hike it, you require 2-3 hours in order to reach the top of the mount. The mount Batur has become the most popular and interesting tourism objects in Bali. Furthermore, since the hiking to Mount Agung is closed, you can explore it more. To see the sunrise from the top of Mount Batur, you should hike it at 4 o clock in the morning. However, if you want to enjoy a fun challenging and traveling experience, you can camp in this area. It will become more interesting to do. You can conduct Mount Batur camping tour there.

Mount Batur Camping Tour to Do

Camping at peak of Mount Batur has become a popular tourist activity in Bali. Moreover, the people loving the challenge in the free nature exploring and penetrating the green area of the forest in the mount and a path. The camping will be a fun activity. You can take a Mount Batur camping tour to enjoy another beautiful sight of this mountain. It is caused that there will be many interesting experiences to get. Camping with your small family and friends surely will be fun. It is bringing happiness and cheerfulness differently when you have a holiday in Bali.

Batur Volcano camping

You can feel a sensation of staying a night inside the tent with the sky roof accompanied by the shining stars and quietness of nature. It is far away from the business and urban area. It is a perfect choice for the people requiring a quietness or otherwise enjoying the cheerfulness with friends or beloved family. You can have chit chat or discuss in front of the campfire. It will be a special moment that will be unforgettable. Furthermore, after spending one night in the tent, the next activity in Mount Batur camping goes on. You can hike Mount Batur to go to the highest top of this mount.

A Mount Batur camping tour is started by picking up in the stayed hotel. For example, if you stay in a hotel in South Bali, you will be picked up earlier until the start time at the start point of Mount Batur hiking. The camping tour will give you a patent schedule so that you don’t need to change or plan it before. It has been included an experienced local guide to accompany your amazing experience in this mountain.

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When you arrive in the mount, it will be dusk so that you can enjoy the dark situation of the mountain. As the night comes, the campfire is prepared. It will be the main icon in Mount Batur camping tour. You can see the sparkles and shining stars on the sky being your local friends along the night. The camping will be the most favorite activity in Bali. In the next morning, you will explore the beauty of the sunrise in this mountain.

The sunrise looks beautiful penetrating the think sky in front of your eyes. It is very spectacular. If you want to enjoy that amazing experience in Mount Batur with Bali Trekking Tour Company, you should pick a tour and travel package from Bali Trekking Trip. It is professionally serving the best experience for travelers.