Mount Batur Deaths

Mount Batur Deaths

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Though it is uncommon to happen, there are several cases when tourists reported experience fatal falls during trekking trip to Mount Batur. Some of them even end to death and it is the last thing that people could expect from their mount trekking activity. Just like the other mountain climbing, taking a trip to the peak of Mount Batur can be very difficult, especially for those without proper hiking experience. In addition, the path to the top of the mountain could be very challenging if you do not know the best way to climb it. There are some reasons why Mount Batur deaths could happen. 

Mount Batur is one of two most active volcanoes in Bali, beside Mount Batur. The mount erupted for the last time more than a decade ago. However, the volcano is still active and it can erupt any time. That is why, to avoid Mount Batur deaths, the tourists should check the mount’s vulcanic activities before climbing it. This is also important to know the best time to do Batur volcano hike. The tourists are strongly suggested to avoid the time when Bali is entering rainy season, that is from September to February. In these months, the path that the tourists should pass to reach the summit is usually slippery. This causes accidents if tourists do not watch their moves.

Prepare Essential Tools and Items

This is also important for the tourists to know what they should carry when they are climbing Mount Batur. Most of the time, the tourists want to reach the summit because they intend to see the iconic and beautiful sunrise from the top of Mount Batur. In this way, you need to start the trip early in the morning when the sky is still dark. You will need something to enlighten your path. If you do not bring essential equipment such as a flashlight or a headlamp, you will increase the risks of Mount Batur deaths.

What to Wear

Another thing you should consider when climbing Mount Batur is wearing the rightest outfits. Though Indonesia, the country where Mount Batur lies is a tropical country, the temperature could be very cold in early mornings, especially in a high place such as a mountain. So, this is important for you to wear outfits that can keep you warm during the trekking trip. Though hypothermia rarely occurs, this is important to keep yourself warm to lower risk of Mount Batur deaths.

Also, the temperature could reach below 14C degree once you reach the top of Mount Batur. Moreover, the summit is often cloudy and rain could occur anytime at the peak of the mountain. Thus, it will be better if you use proper shoes for the trekking. This will be helpful to avoid slipper when you go up and down the mountain, What about sandals? To avoid accidents that can lead you to Mount Batur deaths, sandals should be taken away from your list either. There are a lot of sharp volcanic rocks along your way to the top of the mountain and the sandals will make it hard for you to get through them.

Hire an Experienced Guide

Though it is possible for you to climb Mount Batur all alone by yourself, you are recommended to use the services of the mount Batur trekking guides. They know the trek characteristics of the mountain so can help you to prevent Mount Batur deaths better. The guides will lead you to the safest route to reach the summit and take you the interesting spots around the mountain. They will also show you the way to Mount Batur’s iconic spring and bring you some foods.