Mount Batur Difficulty

Mount Batur Difficulty

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Taking a trip to Mount Batur can be one of the great alternatives to take when visiting Bali. It will be a wonderful experience since the island has more than sunny beaches to enjoy. However, just like the other trekking trips, hiking to Mount Batur is also not as easy as people think. It needs to be well-prepared and you have to know every little thing about the trekking trip. This is also important for you to learn about Mount Batur difficulty and the best things to do to avoid any problem you might face during the hiking activity.

How Difficult Is It?

Well, for professional hikers, it may be not too difficult to reach the peak of Mount Batur. But, for amateurs who only want to enjoy a different side of Bali, Mount Batur hiking could be very challenging. The hike distance of the mount is about 11 km while the summit is about 1.717 meters high. You are strongly recommended to start your trekking trip early in the morning. This will make it possible for you to enjoy the beautiful sunrise at the top of the mountain. The sunrise is indeed the reward that the tourists will get once they can complete the hiking trip. That is why the Mount Batur difficulty doesn’t avoid people to hike the mountain.

Routes to Reach the Summit

For your info, there are two main routes that people often take to reach the summit. The easiest route is the longest and it is usually windy all around the way to reach the top of the mountain. Meanwhile, another route is the harder one. It is a steep incline straight up to the peak. However, it is considered to be the fastest way to reach the summit. If you are late to start the trekking trip, you are suggested to take the harder route. This is Mount Batur difficulty that will take you to the top of the mountain faster so you will not miss iconic sunset there.

Is It a Safe Trekking Trip?

Frankly to say, despite the hard route you should take to reach the summit, it is relatively safe to climb Mount Batur. This is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Bali Island and there about 200 people hike the mountain every day. The Mount Batur difficulty that the tourist often faces during the trekking trip makes people more challenged to complete the journey.

What to Prepare

To successfully complete the trek, the tourists need to prepare their stamina well. This is also important to make sure that you will not do the climbing activity alone. It will be better to do it with at least a small group of people. If it is necessary, you can hire a local mount Batur guides to help you deal with Mount Batur difficulty since they know the trek well.  There are also some important things to bring during the trekking trip. If you decide to do the trekking without a guide, you should bring the following things: a headlamp or a flashlight, drinking water, and snacks.

The other things you should bring to during the trip (with or without a guide) are a dry bag, rain jacket, camera equipment, hat, sunscreen, swimming suits for the hot springs, sunglasses, and money. Another Mount Batur difficulty that you might experience during the trekking trip is the weather and temperature. The best time to plan the trip is in March or April. This is the time when Bali is entering the dry season and the temperature is relatively high and you will run out of energy faster because of it.

Mount Batur Difficulty

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