Exploring Mount Batur is challenging because you are about to visit an active volcano mountain in Bali. It is better to take a Mount Batur guide from a trusted service such as Bali Trekking Trips. Besides a matter of safety, the service shows you some hidden places which you can’t find out when you are visiting the mountain by yourself. The list below is some of the hidden places which you can visit if you take their service.

Safety Camping Spot

If you think you can’t stay at Mount Batur at night, you are wrong. The most important thing is that you know the safe place to stay at night. This is the reason why you have to use a Mount Batur guide service from Bali Trekking Trips. The service is supported by professional and experienced tour guides who have licensed. Because you want to know the night atmosphere at Mount Batur, you can take one of their packages namely Mount Batur sunset and sunrise camping package. Your personal tour guide leads you to the safest place to build a tent and stay there while enjoying the beauty of the sunset, stars and night sky, and sunrise.

A Place for Rafting

It might be strange that you are going to the peak of a mountain and rafting at the same time. Actually, there is a river close to Mount Batur and it becomes one of the hidden places you must visit. Of course, you can enjoy the river more than just sitting on the rocks or swimming. You can take this opportunity to do rafting. It is impossible to do it without following a Mount Batur guide package. The package helps to manage everything so you can just go for rafting and feel the excitement.

A Place to Take a Bath

Indeed, it is not ordinary bathing. You are about to take a bath in a natural hot spring. The location is also close to the Mount Batur. It is a good alternative, especially if you feel exhausted after trekking. This unique combination is included in one of the packages by Bali Trekking Trips. By following the Mount Batur trekking tour guide, you can go to the natural hot spring right away after exploring the mountain. Just relax, refresh, and recharge your body, mind, and energy at the hot spring before the tour guide sent you back to the hotel.

Special Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner

The service is also offering special breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The special part is that you are about to eat the menu outdoor and enjoy the amazing scenery of Mount Batur as the background. The Mount Batur guide will show the best location to enjoy the menu. The menu is also special and you might not expect before. You are about to eat a boiled egg and it is cooked on the lave steam at the mountain. Moreover, you can also enjoy a plate of fried banana, banana sandwich, soup, and many more. There is also a cup of coffee or tea to keep your body warm.


Trekking to the peak of Mount Batur is not the only challenging activities you can do but you can also try a different activity such as swinging. You are directed to a hidden place namely Tegalalang and there is a swing you must try.

Taste the Most Expensive Coffee in the World

Bali Trekking Trips also guides you to the most special place. This is the place where the most expensive coffee in the world is processed. You are not only tasting the flavor but also seeing the plantation as well as the process. You can only feel this cool experience if you take the Mount Batur guide service offered by Bali Trekking Trips.