One of the interesting places in Bali is Mount Batur. It is the most beautiful place that can be visited for the first time. In the mountain, you will feel and see the real nature of the earth. Mount Batur is the active volcano in Bali, from the ground and stone gap looking smoky. It is located in Kintamani, Bali. To direct to this mountain, you should go to water bath Toya Bungkah. The sunrise view of this mount becomes the most popular one. You can reach it by conducting Mt Batur sunrise trek rain.

The Preparation for Mt Batur Sunrise Trek During Rain

When you want to do a Bali sunrise tour, you should find Mt Batur sunrise trek rain. The first thing to do is selecting the right days and time. You should find the summertime about April to October. It is the best time to see a beautiful sunrise view from this mountain. Make sure that you gather some friends to get invited to hiking and trekking. It is aimed at making your trekking group which can help each other. It is very useful during hiking and trekking.

Make sure that before the trekking time, you can take a rest sufficiently and your body condition is fit. If you want to be safer, you can rent a guide rental. The guide will help you to hike and trek a wild nature like Mount Batur. When you trek a Mount Batur, you should introduce yourself to the other groups. Mt Batur sunrise trek in rain needs to kill out by bringing the torch, cap, sweater, gloves, socks, jackets, and mountain trousers. Those are helpful to cover your body and avoid you from the coldness. Don’t forget to bring a camera. It is a useful electronic device to capture every beautiful moment while you are exploring the beauty of mountain Batur sunrise view.

The Starting Point of Mount Batur Sunrise Trek

When you want to start your trekking, you can follow the water bath, Toya Bungkah until you arrived in Jati Luhur Temple. It has a registration post in which you must report your arrival first and pay the entrance fee. It is available public toilets and you must benefit it maximally. You must arrive at the sunrise spot at 02.00 AM. It is a start point of Mt Batur sunrise trek rain.

The Mount Batur Sunrise Trek Rain

After you report your arrival, the first track looks sloping. However, you must be ready on the further Mt Batur sunrise trek rain getting uphill. You don’t get worried because the trek is safe and easy to pass. However, you must be careful because the path is full of sand and stones making you get slippery and unstable. After some minutes for trekking, you will arrive in 1 post, in this place, you can take a break and drink eat. After that, you must trek to the top of the mount. In that break post, your stamina and mental will be tested. For the people who are unable to continue the trekking, it is not expected to continue. The difficulties of the terrain depending on your stamina. Try to reach the top before the sunrise at about 5.30 AM.

The Top of Mount Batur

Finally, after you beat those challenges in Mt Batur sunrise trek, you will be very happy because your hard efforts are paid off. You will enjoy the sky and very cold air welcomes you. It is very fresh because the temperature is making you sleepy. The natural beauty is so mesmerizing. You can see the beautiful sunrise view on the top. Try to take a tour and travel package in Bali Trekking Trip. It will serve a perfect trekking tour to Mount Batur.