Bali Trekking Trip is one of the many companies based on Bali that specializes in giving tour packages. They have a lot of packages on offer, starting from the cheap ones until the expensive ones.

Now that the formality is all there and gone, let us talk a bit more intimate about our Bali trekking tour company. Addressed in Jl. Raya Kintamani, South Batur, Kintamani, you can be sure that the people there know everything they need to know to provide you the best Mount Batur travel experience possible. There is no better option than Bali Trekking Trips if you are looking to find out what Mount Batur has on offer. With many packages, Bali Trekking Tips offers a variety of option that both middle classes and upper classes travellers can enjoy.

What kind of package that Bali Trekking Trip offers?

Take for example the Mount Batur sunrise trekking and coffee plantation tour. If you ask us, there has not been much who offers you a chance to travel the coffee plantation of Mount Batur. Most travel agencies would stop at the peak of Mount Batur only, not taking you anywhere close to other attractions that Mount Batur got. This is certainly not something that can happen, no. Mount Batur has other things going for it aside from its peak, so it would be no less than an injustice to have travellers only visit the peak of Mount Batur without giving other spots a look.

That is why we want to talk to you more specifically about this Mount Batur sunrise trekking and coffee plantation tour that BTT (which is what we will refer to Bali Trekking Tips from now on) offers. Like any article that talks about a travel package, we want to start with the travel itinerary because there is no better way of explaining a travel package aside from using it.

The travel itinerary itself

First things first, you got to start up way early in the morning because this is a sunrise trekking tour. If you know a sunrise trekking tour mostly entail, you will surely know that you got to be awake before the dawn breaks. This kind of rule applies to this Mount Batur sunrise trekking and coffee plantation tour too because you will need to prepare yourself by 1 AM. By then, the driver would have picked you up in your hotel and he or she will proceed to do so until it is 3 AM.

When all of the travellers are all accounted for, it will be the time for you to enjoy a bit of coffee and snacks by the side. BTT will serve you fried bananas or something else that can warm up your belly a bit. If you expect to eat something big, you will be very disappointed because BTT will not let you do that. Better grab yourself a meal before the driver picks you up because BTT will not offer you any kind of full meal when you are going for their Mount Batur sunrise trekking and coffee plantation tour.

By four, you are scheduled to arrive at the starting point of the trekking trip. This is where you will be starting your climb and you better get your game face on by then because you will not have any time to spare.

At six, you are expected to have arrived at the summit of Mount Batur because if you arrive way after that you will be entirely missing the sunrise and your journey would be for nought. While you are enjoying the sunrise, the folks at BTT will bring you a bit of nourishment in the form of hot drinks (might be tea, coffee, or hot chocolate, depending on the availability), and nutritious snacks (boiled eggs and fruits). Again, this is not the time for you to eat a full meal, but we would not worry too much about it.

Why? Because this Mount Batur sunrise trekking and coffee plantation tour package include a buffet breakfast before you actually go the coffee plantation. At nine, you will be eating a buffet breakfast complimentary of BTT itself so you do not have to make any sort of payment (unless you bought yourself an extra order, of course).

When that is done, Tegalalang will be the next destination to visit. Here, you will be given the chance to give the selections of coffee a try. Again, you would not have to pay because every sort of payment is already covered in the initial payment you make towards BTT. You only have to pay the initial fee of Mount Batur sunrise and trekking and coffee plantation tour once and you will be good to go.

Mount Batur sunrise trekking and coffee plantation tour 

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