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It would be a slight offensive if someone mentions Bali as a good travelling spot but skips Mount Batur altogether. Mount Batur is one of the many mounts in Bali, and it is hailed as one of the best-looking mounts available in the ‘Island of the Gods’. That reason alone should be enough to convince you that Mount Batur is a place that is worth a visit, so go book yourself a ticket to Bali and go have a look at the famed Mount (or you can book a travel with Bali Trekking Trips, a company dedicated to making your travel experience the best one).

That being said, being enthusiastic without actually knowing Mount Batur thing to do can actually be a bad thing. Without knowing what you should be doing or what place you should visit in or near Mount Batur, you will only end up getting lost. Bali is not a big island per se, but that does not mean you cannot get lost here.

In fact, a lot of enthusiastic-but-ignorant tourists have been found at lost for where they should go. First, they were enthusiastic about the prospect of visiting an island as beautiful as Bali, but the second they got lost about what they should do, their enthusiasm fades and it might turn into a loathing for the island. We cannot have that kind of thing, can we not? That is why we have compiled Mount Batur thing to do to help you enthusiastic travellers to not be at lost for things to do in this beautiful island.

Let us start with the first thing on the list, eh?

A quick dip by the natural hot spring

A volcanic mountain without a natural hot spring is like a runner without a good pair of running legs. He or she can run, but they will never achieve the same amount of fame as better runners. The volcanic mountain can, well, be a mountain, but it will never achieve the same kind of popularity as the ones with a natural hot spring.

Thankfully, Mount Batur natural hot spring that you are free to dip yourself into. Relax your chilled bones here and let the warm waters melt your ice-laden heart thanks to those boring days in your workplace. Just do not skinny dip because Balinese and the other tourist because that kind of thing is not written in our Mount Batur thing to do list.

Up for lava sightseeing?

Because you can do it in Mount Batur. Mount Batur, as we have mentioned before, is a volcanic mountain, and we all know lava is what volcanic mountains are known for (aside from the hot spring, of course). This is one of the sights that you should not be missing if you are travelling to Mount Batur, and many travel agencies will offer you a chance to get a glimpse of the molten rocks that will definitely melt your bones off if you get too close.

By the way, Our Bali Trekking Tours offers a lot of travel packages that will net you a brief look at the crater. Shameless advertising stops here and let us go on with this article on Mount Batur thing to do.

The Tree of Love

“There is nothing even more beautiful than love.”

Is what love-struck fools would say. Truth is, there are LOTS of other things better than love. For example, the Tree of Love near Mount Batur. Located in Pinggan Village, which is just a stone throw from Mount Batur, the place is popular because the folks believe that you will have an eternity of love between you and your significant other if you take pictures on it. They also said that the love would last even longer if said picture gets uploaded to picture-uploading websites and said picture got lots of likes in said websites.

We digressed. This should be on your Mount Batur thing to do list, no matter if you are single or not.

Terunyan Grave near Lake Batur ends this article on a scary note

In the movies, zombies will clamber their way out of their resting graves to get a good chomp off your brain. In Terunyan Grave, the zombies would not even have to clamber because the folks near the grave have this time-tested ritual to not bury their dead within the earth. They just lay the dead on top of the ground instead of covering them with soil. If you are a bit icky about dead or decaying bodies, this will not be a good place for you to visit. If you like to commune with souls, maybe you can give the place a visit. If you feel the need to see every unique spot in Bali, this is a place that you must always include in your travel itinerary.

Although Bali Trekking Trip does not offer any tour to this place whatsoever. Still, this place is in our thing to do list after do Mount Batur trekking because it is unique, and we all know that unique places are worth a visit at least once.

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