Everything from the nature must bring something that makes our souls calm. Our eyes looks bright. The lungs are filled with fresh air. It feels like living in harmony, right? One of the natural beauty that is like living in harmony is in Bali. Bali is about beaches, lakes, forests, sands, and mountains. Perfectly painted by The Almighty.

Among all the natural beauty of Bali, there is a natural tourism trip that is very popular. It is the Mount Batur trekking.  The climbing to the top of this mountain can be done by anyone. As long as he or she has a good shape, strong body, and has no any disease. Don’t forget to do some preparation before climbing.

The Preparation Before Mount Batur Trekking

Maybe you feel a little bit worried about this climb. Especially if it’s your first climb. However, don’t you worry. Because the Mount Batur trekking is quite easy. Even for you a beginner climber. But you still need to know what need to prepare before do mount Batur trekking.

For successful climbing, you can do a number of preparations such as:

  • Prepare What You Need To Wear

You have to prepare anything you need to cover your head, face, all over body, and feet. For examples, you will need cap or earmuffs for head, mask for your face, thick wool scarf for neck, gloves for hands, long sleeves t-shirt for climbing, water resistant jacket for bad weather, and sweater for sleep. Don’t forget to put on socks and boots. When you meet the sandy and windy track, you’ll need the mask to cover your face.

  • Prepare What You Need To Bring

Don’t bring too much stuff when climbing because it will only be troublesome. If you spent a night at hotel or homestay, you may leave the stuff you don’t need there. The stuffs you need to bring while climbing include: foods, drinks, flashlight, handphone, power bank, raincoat, cover bag, and personal medicine.

  • Prepare Your Health

Hiking or climbing up the mountain requires a lot of energy. Your heart and lungs must be strong, your eyes must be alert, your legs must be strong to walk far away and run to avoid any obstacles ahead. Don’t let yourself bother other people because of your weaknesses when climbing. Even though the climbers are certainly willing to help you because of a high sense of solidarity among fellow climbers.

So, you need to do some exercise like jogging, running, walking away, and swimming before you go hiking.

  • Prepare Your Heart And Mind

Mount Batur in Kintamani village is the sacred mountain which is sanctified by local people there. Therefore, before climbing, it’s better for you to think clearly with a clean heart too. You can do the prayer and meditation in order to reach that condition of heart and mind.

Track Of Mount Batur Trekking

There are two Mount Batur trekking route, it is through Toya Bungkah village and Pura Jati. Most climbers prefer Toya Bungkah village route. Meanwhile, those who ride private cars or motorbikes, usually prefer through Pura Jati Luhur route.

  • Toya Bungkah Route

From Kuta, you go directly to Kintamani, Bangli in Penelokan village. Next, look for a downhill road to Lake Batur. Just follow the road until you meet T-junction. Then, you turn left. After that, you will pass the road surrounded by dry lava stones from the eruption of Mount Batur. And now you arrive in Toya Bungkah village.

Mount Batur trekking starts from Toya Bungkah village. In this starting point, you will see the basecamp where many climbers gather before hiking together to the top of mountain. If there are fellow climbers, you actually don’t need a guide. Especially if they are groups who are often climb Mount Batur. Just follow the groups to the peak.

  • Pura Jati Luhur Route

When you arrive at Pura Jati Luhur, you will be asked to pay an entrance ticket for 10 thousand rupiahs each person. Then, you will be asked for using a guide during the Mount Batur trekking. From Pura Jati Luhur, you will go to the first track with a sloping path.  After that, you will pass through the sandy, rocks, and slippery path. All the path is increasingly steep. You need about one to two hours toward the first peak.

The Tour Package Of Mount Batur

Mount Batur is the second highest mountain in Bali. It also has the wide caldera where there is Lake Batur that resembles a crescent moon. No wonder that almost all tour package that is often offered by Mount Batur tourism service providers will be one package with Lake Batur tours and the hot spring bath.

Lake Batur which is located around Mount Batur has a depth of about 51 meters and a height of about 1.050 meters above sea level. UNESCO has assigned this lake as Earth Park or Taman Bumi.

After the Mount Batur trekking, it will be so refreshing if you enjoy the beauty of Lake Batur. No wonder it’s cold and peace around Lake Batur. The temperature is around 18 to 22 celcius degrees.

The road to Lake Batur is rather winding and full of risks. You have to be careful when pass through this road in Pekraman Batur village in Kintamani, Bangli Regency.

When you arrive at this scenic spot, you’ll be amazed by this scenery ahead. By the clear lake water, row of boats at the bank of lake, and the interaction among people.  You also definitely can’t wait to the the camera to freeze all that beauty. And for those who will have special moment in mean time, this lake gonna be the suitable place for pre-wedding photos or video.

After getting tired of activities there, next you can enjoy the typical lakeside cuisine such as fish dish. Tilapia fish is one of the favorite menu in a number of restaurants around Lake Batur.

For more exciting activities, you can go fishing on the edge of the Lake Batur. You can also rent a boat to the middle of the lake. Then, you can fish from the boat. You don’t need to bring your own fishing equipment. You can rent it from the tourist caretaker.

So, when do you go to Mount Batur trekking tours?