Batur volcano right now is  famous tourist destination for Kintamani Bali and sunrise trekking tour is the main activities you can doing here. Bassicaly mount batur trek is not so difficult, the trails it’s quite challenging especially if some of you have plan to do mount Batur with solo trek. This trekking tour can be a great option, for you who want do adventure in Bali. But, this also like when you hike at other mountains, you also need to make some preparation. Following is some important information you should to know:

Know first about Mount Batur

Mount Batur has height 1717 meters or about 5,633 feet from the sea level. And the trekking route up and down in total is around 11 km (from the trekking starting point of to the main peak). Please make sure with adequate physical and your mental preparation before do solo trek at this mountain.

Mount Batur trekking route is moderate challenging. But, it is not a difficult trek that requires enough experience hike before. The mount Batur hiking route already provided by the local mount Batur trekking guide organization or we knowing well with Association of mount Batur trekking guide. So, ifvyou decide to go by solo trek you just need to follow that routes . Although like that, find more information about what you need to do during the trek is really important.

Read some reviews about mount Batur trekking will help you to know situation from the mount Batur solo trekker view point. You may can use them experience during your mount Batur solo trekking tour. The last few review from some people’s who have done the trek wil be a good information that can make you out from nature problem and also problem with the local community.

Mount Batur Trekking Outfit
This is the most important thing you need to prepare well before start your trek. Trekking outfit will give you a lot help. That  not only make you feel comfortable during the trek, but also protect you from many problems at mount Batur.

This is two types of outfit you need to prepare during do trekking at Mount Batur Kintamani, Bali. Wearing a good jacket is necessary, especially if you do mount Batur sunrise trekking cause sometimes the temperature at the peak can be until 14 degrees Celsius.

After the sunrise time, mount Batur temperature will rise significantly. Because this condition you need to bring two types of clothes, some clothes for protection you from cold weather and also don’t forget to bring comfortable clothes in case warm or hot weather during the trip heading down to finish point. If you do this trek when the weather is bad, the situation can be worst. That is why prepare the hiking outfit is really important.

Use a good hiking shoes are also important. Although mount Batur trekking route isn’t too difficult. But, you need also know if about 25 minutes before the peak, the trek become more difficult. Use a good hiking shoes will make you fell more comfortable during walking on this part.

Mount Batur Hiking Equipments
May some of you not need to use walking pole, especially for you who want do mount Batur solo trek. However, you will need a flashlight, and headlamp is recommended. Bring some foods and enogh drinking water is also need. If you want to go solo trekking here, you must prepare all that equipment before you start your hiking at Batur.

But, if you use our guide or book one mount Batur trekking package with us, we will provide everything you need during the trek. Our guide will glad to help you to carry food and equipment for you until reach to the peak. By use our service you can reduce the weight from what you need to carry. It will make you more comfortable, but if you still want to take a solo adventure, you must check about extra weight you will carrying dutring your adventure.

Bring a Good Camera
As you can’t miss the beautiful scenery will you find during your Mount Batur sunrise trekking tour, bring a good camera is must. Bring GoPro camera is a better choice because it can give you a better view than standard camera. Please note: don’t bring a tripod beacuse that will give you a problem.

Well, for those of you who want know about mount Batur solo trekking. If you already prepare everything carefully, you won’t have any problem during the trip. If you need more information about Mount Batur trekking, you can contact us anitime. We will glad to help you to answer all information you need to know.

Last, if you want to have unforgettable trekking experience, you can use our mount Batur trekking tour service. We provide many Mount Batur trekking packages you can use and choose depending with your need. We not only help you to reach until the peak and drove you back to hotel after. Our company also have best tour that you can get it is mount Batur sunrise trek & natutral hot springs tour.

So, we suggest you to enjoy your solo trek and having a great plus comfortable experience at Mount Batur Kintamani Bali with Bali Trekking Trip. Our team will guaranteed, you won’t forget this awesome experience at mount Batur.



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