Mt Batur Sunrise Trek Book

Mt Batur Sunrise Trek Book

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Mount Batur in Bali is a popular holiday destination because of its beauty. Actually, you are not only enjoying the beauty but also the challenge while exploring the mount. The best way to explore Mount Batur is by using a professional and experienced Bali trekking tour service such as Bali Trekking Trips. Before taking the mt Batur sunrise trek book, it is better to learn more about the great things you can enjoy while exploring this active volcano mountain.


The challenging part of this package is wake up in the early morning and get take a walk to the peak of the mountain. Just imagine how cold and sleepy you are. But it is not a problem anymore because you are supported by a professional tour guide. This service will send their professional tour guide to pick you up in the hotel so you don’t need to get anywhere. To boost your spirit, you will have a cup of hot coffee. By taking the mt Batur sunrise trek book, it means you are ready to achieve the peak of an active volcano mountain. Just imagine that you are at an altitude of 1.717 meters above sea level when you are at the peak of the mountain. The route is not too difficult so you can achieve the peak on time. Next, you can capture the most beautiful sunrise in Bali from the peak of a volcano mountain with your camera.

Sunset and Night Atmosphere

You might have seen the condition of Mount Batur in the morning and afternoon but how about at night? If you are curious about it, you need to learn the mt Batur sunrise trek book. Just book the sunset and sunrise camping package. You will leave the hotel in the afternoon to go to the mountain. While waiting for the sunset, you can build a tent there. You don’t need to worry because you are accompanied by a professional tour guide and they know the safest place for camping in Mount Batur. Then, you can enjoy the fantastic sunset slowly until the area turns darker. The fun is not ended yet because this is the time to feel the beauty of the night in the peak of a mountain along with delicious dinner. Just feel the sensation of enjoying a bowl of soup and the beauty of the night sky. It might be your first experience and it will be the most unforgettable moment.


Do you ever imagine to do rafting after trekking to a volcano mountain? You can do it by joining on the mt Batur sunrise trek book. Indeed, you will enjoy the main attracting which is the beautiful sunrise from the peak of Mount Batur. The tour guide leads you to a specific place namely Ayung River which is located in Ubud. Ayung River is a great place for rafting. It takes approximately an hour to finish the rafting. It will be a unique experience which you want to share with your friends, right?

Take a Bath in a Hot Spring

It is also a unique package offered by Bali Trekking Trips. In this trekking package, you are about to go to the peak of Mount Batur to see the amazing sunrise. The tour guide knows how exhausted you are and what you need is an activity which can refresh your body, mind, and energy. That’s why the tour guide brings you to a place namely Batur Natural Hot Spring. You can take a bath in this natural hot spring while relaxing your body and mind. Indeed, it will recharge your energy before going back to the hotel. You will feel this unique experience if you are taking the mt Batur sunrise trek book.

The information above shows that there are many things you can do in Mount Batur. It is not only enjoying the beauty of the sunrise but you will get more than you are expected there. So, just be one of the people who include in the mt Batur sunrise trek book.