Do you want to do Mount Batur Sunrise Trekking from Ubud?

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Mount Batur is active volcanoes located at Kintamani,on the middle of Bali Island. Mount Batur is very famous because the beautiful scenery particularly that you can see from the top. It ts why mount Batur trekking tour is highly demanded by the tourists whether from local or foreign tourist.

The mount Batur hiking trail from Kintamani is considered to the most popular one you can passed through. By stay overnight at Kintamani you can weak up not to early and also can enjoy the quiet night on Kintamani a day before your trek is beginning. But if you want to reach Mount Batur’s summit and stay in Ubud Bali, that is also possible. This is also means that the mount Batur is actually able to be climbed up from another region as we provide pick up service at everywhere you stay in Bali it is Ubud. According to many reasons, do Ubud sunrise trekking is highly recommended and also based from some reviews and Mount Batur sunrise trekking TripAdvisor, do sunrise trekking Ubud to mount batur is the best choice.

If you doesn’t have enough hiking experienced, we highly suggest you to use the service from Bali trekking tour guides and invite some friends join on your tour. We are is one of the recommended tour agency for many reasons. Our tour facilities really complete and will make satisfying starting from the pick-up drivers, guide, breakfast, hot springs, or lunch depending on the package you choose. Beside from searching tour a guide, do some preparations for Mount Batur trekking is necessary. And don’t forget if the  weather there is really cold at the top.

Many tourist said if Mount Batur has the best hiking trail in Bali for the beginners. That’s true but it is when you choose Ubud as the pick up location it can be a little more difficult cause we will pick you up on 2.00 am so that also mean you need to weak up around 1.30 am. Well, it doesn’t mean that the Ubud sunrise trekking is really hard, but you may need to put some more efforts into this. And please don’t be worry, Mount Batur height is basically average with period time relatively faster compared to the trips of other mountains in Bali.

So, the in early morning your trip is started by pick you at Ubud hotel. As we mentioned above, the long of the journey is probably quite feel long if you have no experience in climbing before. But, if you have some hiking experiences before, the Ubud sunrise trekking or mount Batur sunrise trekking from Ubud should not be a big problem.

After spending around 3 hours on the trail including the drive, you will reach the top. Mount Batur, Kintamani Bali is really famous for the beauty of sunrise, so make sure to come to this point during the correct times. Don’t worry about, our mount Batur trekking company already provided the best itinerary for every package and we will make sure you reach at the top on the right time not late and even not too early.

Well, during sun is rising, this moment is undeniably really stunning plus unforgettable. You can imagine how the fog and cloud around the top of mount Batur radiated by the golden beam from the warm of sunrise it also make the green hills around the landscape gets more excellent view. There are you can see other view from this area such as Mount Abang and Mount Rinjani right behind the sunrise.

Our mount Batur sunrise trekking tour price from Ubud is start from USD 45/ person and minimum booking is two persons. If you can find more people’s to join on your tour we will glad to share you some discount. And if you can get until 5 people’s, our best price is USD 30/person with private car, private mount Batur trekking guide, all entrance fees and breakfast included.


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