Trunyan Cemetery and Kintamani Bali Tour

Trunyan village in the district of Kintamani has a distinct uniqueness to other villages in Bali. The uniqueness of the most prominent of the village located on the northwest edge of Lake Batur is the corpse burial tradition. In the village which is also known as the Bali Aga village, the corpses were not buried but simply placed on the ground and on top of the grave is covered with a pointed bamboo profit for protect the bodies from nearby animals.

Although just put away without going through the process of burial, corpses in this cemetery does not smells like a corpse on generally. That's because right next to the cemetery, there are large trees were able to issue the fragrance. The fragrance that comes out from this tree which then neutralizes the odor of corpses.

A big tree in a cemetery Trunyan is a rare trees and hundreds of years old. By villagers Trunyan, the tree was named "Taru Menyan", Taru means trees and Menyan means fragrance. Well, the tree is also the origin name of the village with the majority population living as fishermen and farmers.

In this package we will invite you to see the unique tradition Trunyan grave. This tour package also comes with a hot springs in Toya Bungkah tour and lunch at one of the restaurants in Kintamani with buffet menu followed by a visit to a coffee plantation.


• 07:30 - 08:30 Pick up at your hotel,

• 09:30 Arrive at the boat dock ( Kedisan village ),

• 09:45 Crossing the lake Batur with a engine boat to the Trunyan grave,

• 10:00 Arrive at the cemetery Trunyan, here you can see immediately corpses were just covered with clothing and next to it you can see a collection of skulls lined up neatly.

• 10:30 Back to Kedisan boat dock

• 10:45 Arrive at the pier and the journey continues by car to the village of Toya Bungkah

• 11:00 Hot spring program, for approximately one hour and thirty minutes we will invite you to taste the freshness of the natural hot springs that are the made from volcanic activity of Mount Batur.

• 13.00 Lunch at Lake View Restaurant with overlooking lake Batur, mount Batur and Abang

• 14.30 Visit to coffee plantations

• 15.30 Drop back to your hotel

PRICE: IDR 1.000.000 / PERSON




• All entrance fee

• Private guide, 

• Private driver and car

• Lunch

• Trying the Luwak Coffee


• Swimming suit

• Camera

• Enough money


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