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Bali trekking exploration, are you interested in it? Bali is one of the islands in Indonesia that is well-known for its natural tourist objects. Indeed, this island is more popular for the beaches who offer the heat of sunlight. However, they are not only beaches to visit there. Even the mountainous areas are also great as well.

At least, there 5 trekking areas of Bali that you need to explore. What are they?

Mount Batur

Talking about the most popular Bali trekking exploration, it means that you must mention Mount Batur. The mount is indeed not too high compared to other mounts in Indonesia. Even in Bali, Mount Batur is only the second-highest mount and volcano after Mount Agung. But what you should not miss out is the beautiful landscape around. From the mount, you can see the heavenly view along with the most famous lake in Bali, Batur Lake. Mostly, the tourists do the trekking here to get the sunrise view. Meanwhile, although the trek to pass through is quite challenging, it is not too difficult even for the beginners.

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Mount Agung

Well, Mount Agung is the highest mount in Bali. Of course, it means you need to explore the trekking area here. The summit itself is on around 3,142 meters above the sea level, making it twice higher than Mount Batur mentioned above. There are two paths for this Bali trekking exploration. Mostly, the tourists prefer Pura Besakih Path for the faster process and a more beautiful view. If you are not experienced enough, you are not allowed to climb the mount without any guide to avoid problems. To get a professional guide, you can go to This way, there are some facilities available aside from the guide, including a flashlight, trekking pole, and even breakfast.

Sambangan Village

Mounts are not the only areas to trek for sure. Bali also has some villages for your trekking activity, one of them Sambangan Village. Sure, the village has some protecting forests, farming areas, and other beautiful landscapes. Even the topography area of the village is suitable for activities like trekking and adventure. If you are interested in this Bali trekking exploration, the village is located on the height of 500-1,020 meters above the sea level. It is with the slope level of 40 degrees. If you have more time to explore the village more, make sure to visit not only one but also seven waterfalls in the area.

Ubud Village

Another village that is popular for the Bali trekking exploration is Ubud Village. Ubud itself is really popular for some tourist objects that are located there. If you are decided to go trekking there, you may pass through the objects or attractions in it. What to explore here is the natural village atmosphere with much uniqueness. Meanwhile, there are some trekking paths to ease you in do the activity. It depends on your wants anyway whether you want to pass through an easy or the difficult path. While trekking, there are beautiful views of farming areas and stunning traditions that you must see.

Bali Jungle Trekking

The next area for trekking activity is in the area of Bedugul, around Buyan Lake. The area is namely Bali Jungle Trekking. By joining it, you are able to explore the beauty of green tropical forests with green trees and unique plants you may have never seen before. Some paths available are still really quiet and calm. It will simply remind you of the adventure movies with jungle setting like The Jungle Book or Tarzan. The trek is quite challenging also for some steep spots in it. Make sure to hire a guide for the safety from to enjoy this Bali trekking exploration.