Bali trekking tour has become more and more popular these days. With so many beautiful destination and fun adventure, you can get in the tour; more and more people try this type of vacations. However, some of them are facing two choices. It is whether they use bali trekking guide or they are going solo. We will recommend the trekking with a guide. Why?

The Benefits of Using Guide

Here are the benefits you can get from using the guide service:

  • Safer

The guides you will be working with are the experienced trekker and climber. They know the best way to tackle the trekking route in the mountain where you will climb. With their instruction, you can avoid many things and accidents that can harm your life. And, you reach the top with no problems.

  • Comfortable

The bali trekking guide also knows the right time to rest. Usually, every 20 minutes or so, they will give you a short rest. They always see their client as a beginner trekker. So, that’s the right time range for the resting point example do mount Batur trekking for a beginner trekker.

But, do not underestimate their ability. They can even climb without too much rest. Therefore, if you think you still can go, you tell the guide to continue the climbing. That way you can reach the destination faster. But, you can only do it, if you really can continue and your body doesn’t feel too tired. In climbing or trekking, you can’t be arrogant. Listening to your body and if it needs rest, you must do what it said.

  • Fun

You also can have fun trekking, if you do it with a bali trekking guide. They can speak English really well, so you can ask them anything. You can ask them about the mountain, which they will gladly explain it to you. So, they also can become a tourist guide for you. Or, you also can chat about everyday topics. That will make your trekking feels like you do it with your friend.

  • Save More Money and Time

Why using a bali trekking guide will save you more money and time? Have you ever tried to climb the mountain in Bali without a guide? Going solo is indeed a great adventure. But, there are many problems you have to face. You will lose your precious time and you even need to pay more than you should be. In the worst case, you can become a victim of crime by locals.

Climbing with the help of bali trekking guide solve all those problems. You can save your time because the tour company that provides the guide will take you to the climbing starting point. You don’t need to spend a whole day to find the entrance.

Moreover, if you climb with a guide or using the tour package, you don’t need to worry about the money. You pay for their package, and that’s what you need to spend. Of course, you might need to pay an additional fee, if you plan to buy a snack or using the toilet. But, that’s only a small amount of extra fees, which is way better compared to what you need to pay when you climb without a guide.


In short, you must use the help from bali trekking guide. And, for the best guide and trekking service, you can get, you can use Bali Trekking Trips service. They have a complete service that you need. You will get the best and experienced guide, plus all the accommodation and help for trekking in Bali. Now, do not waste your time and start your trekking adventure in Bali, of course, you have to go with a guide.

Mount Batur Bali Trekking Guide 

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