If you want to visit a beautiful place in Bali, visiting Kintamani is a must, natural scenery is complemented by mountains, Lake Batur and valleys that blend harmoniously into a very charming natural picture. If you want to be closer to this place, then you must continue the journey to the shores of Lake Batur and visit To Toya Bungkah, here you will find a source of natural hot springs that come from volcanic activity of Mt Batur, and are accommodated in a large pond like in Batur Natural Hot Spring and Toya Devasya Hot Spring.

Natural hot springs that flow into the swimming pool in Batur Natural Hot Spring and Toya Devasya, have temperatures around 37-42 degrees Celsius. This truly natural hot spring will give you fresh and refreshing natural therapy especially after mount Batur trekking or more famous with Mount Batur sunrise trekking and hot spring tour. This bathing pool is located on the shores of Lake Batur, so while soaking and relaxing you can enjoy the beauty of the lake more satisfied.


If you have a Bali tour plan and also want to visit Kintamani, then you can continue the journey to the village of Toya Bungkah, around 7.2 km, through the descending road then across a cluster of typical mountainous rocks with the backdrop of Mount Batur that stands firm, looks so attractive and even often used as a pre-wedding photo collection place.

Batur Natural Hot Spring is one of the attractions in Bali, its strategic location on the edge of Lake Batur makes it always in demand by visitors. The parking area is also large. The hot spring bathing pool is also believed to be able to cure various skin diseases and rheumatism, the showers with high 3 meters in the location, can be a natural massage therapy, which can refresh the body can relieve aches and also beautiful scenery can refresh your mind.

There are at least three bathing pools in Batur Natural Hot Spring, at the top after the entrance there is a large swimming pool with a depth of about 1.5 meters, suitable for soaking relaxing and playing slides, the water temperature is not too hot. If you want water with a warmer temperature, around 38-43 ° C, switch down to the second or third swimming pool, the pool is shallow and there is a shower that you can function for natural massage.

From the bottom pool you can see the natural beauty of Lake Batur, while soaking or relaxing. There is also a restaurant and minibar, you can while relaxing in the gazebo or restaurant that has been provided to enjoy food while enjoying the charm of Lake Batur.

This Batur Natural Hot Spring in Toya Bungkah Kintamani village is adjacent to a number of recreational spots, from here you can enjoy fishing, rent boats around Lake Batur, visit the village of Trunyan and climb Mount Batur or culinary tours, enjoy the typical food of the lake in Tilapia fish Floating.

Entrance ticket to Batur Natural Hot Spring is IDR 150,000 / adult and you can get facilities for towels, lockers and welcome drinks, while to visit Toya Devasya you have to pay IDR 200,000 / person and you can bathe as much as you like, only pay once, while children’s entrance fees are half the cost of an adult. This place is open from 08.00 am to 07.00 pm.

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