If you folks are in the store for a good trekking tour package from a certain travel company, then you cannot get even more right than by getting a mount Batur daytime trekking tour from Bali Trekking Trip. This is a package that is made for those who want to enjoy the beauty of Mount Batur without having to wake up when the rooster is calling. There are good things that can come from booking yourself this tour, and while you will be missing the sunset view, you will get the benefit of not having to wake up too early in the morning.

If that sounds good for you, then you have to see the rest of the things contained within this best Mount Batur trekking tour. Check out below for a bit more insight on what this trekking tour offers:

The beginning of the journey

Obviously you will be picked up from your hotel first. The driver is scheduled to arrive at different times – all depending on where you want to be picked up – but the driver will start by 6 and will finish picking up the passengers by 8. You might need to wake up early, but other packages will force you to wake up when dawn is yet to break, so 6-8 is definitely lenient.

When every passenger is already accounted for, the next thing on the agenda would be breakfast. By 8.15, you will have your buffet breakfast by a restaurant that is famous for being the place where you can see Mt Batur from the distance. You do not have to pay anything else for the breakfast because the company will cover the cost (hence why we call this the best Mount Batur trekking tour package that you can get).

If everything is going well, you will arrive at the start point of the trekking package, which is Toya Bungkah village. This is a lovely small village to rest on before you start the trek and the sight is not something to be taken lightly, too. You will only get half an hour in here, though, so you might not have the time to absorb everything in here.

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The actual trekking itself

By 9.30, you will need to start the actual trekking. The schedule lists the finish time to be at 11, but they can compromise if you take a longer time than that. This willingness to compromise is one of the reasons why we mention this as the best Mount Batur trekking tour.

At 11, you will be served brunch by the company. The brunch itself will include lots of healthy and nutritious foods, food items that will definitely help you to regain your strength for the journey down. Enjoy a brunch of cookies, boiled eggs, fresh fruit, juice, and other nutritious whatnots without paying a dime. You need to eat a lot here because the next thing on the itinerary can be something that is pretty exhausting.

Which is going down. At 11.30, you are expected to start your descent. Some folks are fine with descending, but some think that descending is a much more excruciating thing than ascending the mountain itself. The guide will help you if you encounter any problem, though, something that you can expect from the best Mount Batur Trekking tour package provider.

The trip itself will end at 13.00

And you will be taken to your hotel by then. You will not get to see the sunset, and missing out one of the best sights that Mt Batur can offer you can be something that is discouraging from this package. You need to realize, however, that the sunset is not the only beautiful thing that can come out from Mt Batur. There are still sights to see even when the sun is yet to set, and it is also less dangerous if you trek the mountain while the sun is still high.

That is all about this package from Bali Trekking Trip. This is, undeniably, the best Mount Batur trekking tour package that you can afford from a travel company, so if you are in the want to visit Mount Batur, you can give this package a try.