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Cheapest Mount Batur Tour

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Touring Mount Batur is one of the best things that you can do in Bali, but most tour agencies can cost you a lot of fortune. This is certainly not something that can stand, no. Most travel agencies will suck your money dry, putting unnecessary things in their travel itinerary, all in the purpose of making you spend an amount of money that you should not be spending when you are travelling.

Travelling must not always be expensive

This is why we want to introduce you one package from Bali Trekking Trip, a travel agency specializing in the island of Bali. This package, considered to be the cheapest Mount Batur tour package that you can get legally get, will serve your travelling purpose well. While you still need to fork somewhere around 25 to 100 USD per person, the tour is actually cheaper the higher the number of people in it. So if you want to pay only 25 USD, you will need to bring four of your friends and you need to wait for the driver in Kintamani.

That being said, what are you entitled to by applying for this package? Below is the travel itinerary that might give you a bit of insight about what you can expect.

The itinerary of the cheapest Mount Batur tour package ever

Let us start with you waking up in the morning, eh? When we said morning, we really mean the time before the dawn even breaks. In fact, the dawn would only break somewhere around 5 hours later because you will be starting this tour by 1 AM in the morning.

If you are fine with waking up at 1 AM (or if you decide not to sleep at all), you will then be taken to a place where you can enjoy a cup of coffee to energize you for the next thing on the list. Be mindful that if you are hungry by this time, you would not be served any sort of full dish, so you better eat something before you commit yourself to this cheapest Mount Batur trekking tour price.

At four, you are scheduled to arrive at the start point. There is no time for you to rest, however, as the trek will start the moment you touched the ground.

The trek itself can last for one and a half hour until two hours, all depending on the speed of the entourage. If you are too slow and you miss the 2-hour mark, then congratulations on wasting your money on a sunset trip without the sunset. This is because Balinese sunset happens somewhere around 6 AM, so you better your kicks up the summit before six.

Although this is the cheapest Mount Batur tour pack, that does not mean Bali Trekking Trip is cutting corners when it comes to providing its customer the utmost comfort. At the summit, you will be served breakfast in the form of boiled eggs, banana sandwich, cookies, biscuits, and hot drinks to keep your body warm in the morning.

After you are done devouring your breakfast, it comes the time for you to start your descent back into the earth. You can either go down using the short route or you can tell the guide to take you to the main crater of Mount Batur. Halfway down, you will be given the opportunity to be friendly with lots of monkeys. Be careful around them because they are basically a furred Robin Hood. Bali Trekking Trip as the provider of this cheapest Mount Batur tour cannot be held responsible if you got your money stolen by the monkeys.

And with that your travel will end. This travel package is one of the best packages that you can get if you just want to travel Mount Batur without having burdened by other unimportant things. This package will provide you the best sights around Mount Batur because Bali Trekking Trip’s guides are pretty experienced about that thing. By booking this tour, not only you will get all of the best sights around Mt Batur, you will also save a lot of money. If those two are the things that pique your interest, then by all means go and book this with our cheapest Mount Batur Tour Company.