Hiking in Bali Without a Guide

Hiking in Bali Without a Guide

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Taking time personally in Bali is a good stress relief and hiking can be the best option. As a result, a lot of travelers hiking in Bali without a guide. Actually, it is your own decision whether you want to explore Bali without a guide or not. At the same time, you also need to think about the risks, especially if it is your first hiking time in Bali. Let’s learn about the risks and what you can do to hike in Bali comfortably and safely. After reading this article, you can decide whether you want to hike with a guide or without a guide.

Unknown Route

The first risk if you are hiking in Bali without a guide is the unknown route. There are several routes when you are hiking in Bali such as in Mount Batur or Mount Agung. The risks are including the mudslides, falling into ravines, injuries, and get lost. Hiking in Bali with a professional guide is a wise option, especially if you don’t know the route well. A professional guide shows the best route along with its difficulty level. For example, the professional Bali trekking tour guide directs beginner travelers passing through an easy and comfortable route. On the other hand, a professional tour guide let advanced travelers decide the route including the hardest one to get excitement experience. The point is that professional tour guide knows what you need for unforgettable trekking in Bali.

No New Information

For history lovers, it is a bad option hiking in Bali without a guide. The problem is that you don’t know the history of a certain place in Bali you want to explore. The main reason because there is no one explaining it to you even if you are hiking in a group. A professional tour guide knows the trekking area well. They are not only knowing the trekking route but also the history of the area. Their story is interesting enough to hear while enjoying the wonderful view. As a result, you can learn about something new such as its culture, myths, and many more that you can’t see by your eye.

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Not in Proper Preparation

Starting hiking in Bali without a guide as a beginner is dangerous because you are not in proper preparation. You don’t know the exact trekking area including the weather, obstacles, objects, animals, and many more. Because of that, you don’t know what to prepare and even you are preparing something wrong. By using a trekking service, you will be guided by a professional tour guide and they know what you have to prepare. They guide you to prepare what you need and what you don’t need. Remember! You are about to hike in Bali and the route might be hard to pass. Bringing the most important items are the best way to hike until the finish line.

Meet Strangers

Hiking in Bali without a guide is not a good decision if you can’t speak their local language. You are about to meet strangers and you don’t know what they can do for you. They might do something bad to you such as asking some money or your precious items. It will be different if you hike with a guide. Your professional tour guide directs you the safe route. If you meet a stranger, the tour guide can explain wisely with their local language. As a result, you can continue the hiking until reaching the finish point safely and there is nothing bad happen.

The explanation above describes that hiking in Bali without a guide is full of risks. It is better not to explore Bali alone except you already know the route well. If you need a professional tour guide to accompany you hiking in Bali especially for do Mt Batur sunrise trek, you can take our hiking packages and services. Just read the complete information at our official website, Bali Trekking Trips.

So, if you want to get better experience and more safe during the tour, please keep in your mind from plan to do hiking without guide in Bali! Contact us now if you need to use our guide service:

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