So you are trying to know how fit you need to be if you want to climb Mount Batur, yes? This is a question that has been asked for a while, especially by those who are not accustomed to climbing mountains just yet. If you are one of those folks who are curious about the answer to that question, then it will do you good to read this article because we are going to give you the answer.

Before that, though, we want to tell you about the basics of mountain climbing fitness. There is no point in learning about the advanced form of a technique unless you mastered the basics first, right?

Before you can know how fit to climb Mount Batur, you need to know the basics if mountain fitness first

We do not whether mountain fitness is a real term or not, but we decide to bestow that name on your body’s mountain ‘readiness’.

Contrary to other articles, we are not going to say whether you should be skinny, ripped, overweight, or any other body shapes. When you are climbing a mountain, your body shape must not be an indicator that tells you if you can climb a mountain or not.

Instead of having the ideal body shape, you need to know how to pace yourself. An obese person who can pace themselves when they are exercising will climb Mount Batur a lot easier when compared to a skinny person who has never exercised before. Knowing how to pace yourself is the first step to be able to climb a mountain and getting the definite answer on how fit to climb Mount Batur.

The second thing have is a pair of strong legs. Obese people can have strong legs if they train them, so once again we are not going to follow the trend of making a skinny or a ripped body the ideal body shape. Get your legs ready for a climb, no matter how tall or short the mountain is. Having a pair of strong legs is one of the most basic of mountain readiness, so get your legs stronger by not skipping leg days. Just be careful not to overdo your leg exercise because the legs are one of the most important things to have.

We are now getting closer to the answer on how fit to climb Mount Batur

To find out the definite answer to this question, you would first need to know the terrain that you will be fighting in. For starters, let us talk about mount Batur height. To reach the summit of Mount Batur, you need to climb up to 4,7 kilometres.

4,7 kilometres might not be a huge number, especially for those who are already accustomed to running a marathon or even a half marathon. You need to remember that those 4,7 kilometres will be done while you are moving upward. You will be fighting not only the distance, but you also be fighting the gravity. How fit to climb Mount Batur, you ask? You need to be fit enough to fight the gravity.

Thankfully, you can easily fight gravity by going on an uphill running exercise. This is one good method if you want to get fit to make the climb to the summit of Mount Batur.

Aside from having to fight the gravity, you will also be fighting the terrain, which will be very slippery a few metres from the feet. The terrain is basically a battle that you can never win unless you, your legs, and your hiking shoes are working together. You will need to have the drive to keep pushing forward and to find spots with a lower chance of making you slip. Your legs will need to do all the hard work, making sure that you are nailed to the ground (which is why it is very necessary for you not to skip leg day), and your boots will be the vanguard, holding you against the force of gravity and slippery slope. How fit you for climb Mount Batur? You need to be both mind and leg fit.

Last but not least, you cannot be too old. We might say that body shape is in no way an important thing to consider when you are trying to climb a mountain, but we need to tell you that age plays a very important part. Old age comes with many benefits, but it also brings one massive drawback if you are an avid mountain climber: weaker joints and bones. If you got weak joints and weak bones, you would find it hard to finish the climb. Some folks manage to beat age into submission, but that thing only happens to a few. Age is one of the aspects that form the answer to the question on how to climb Mount Batur, so always put it into consideration if someone is asking you about this.

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