Hiking tour to Mount Batur is one of the favorite programs is mostly done by the tourists from various countries. Due to difficult, the level of hiking is relatively easy and can be done by all ages, it makes every day hundreds of tourists visiting the mountain with an altitude of 1717 meters above sea level. To culminate normally take 1 hour and 30 minutes on the way up, and two hour on the way down (if including walking around the main crater).

Generally hiking to this mountain will doing on early morning in order to watch the beautiful sunrise, then if you stay at Jimbaran and Nusa Dua area you have to start the trip on hour 1:30 to 2:00 am, therefore we recommend to do this climbing activities while you stay in the Ubud or Kintamani area so you can take enough sleep before do this trek.

Other from beauty sunrise, trekking to this active volcano will giving un unforgettable experience to you, your couple, friends or family. However, due the cost of the tour providers that provide services for hiking to this volcano is quite a lot, it makes the price to climb this holy mountain is quite expensive.

Costs incurred by the provider who serving hiking tour pacakge at Mount Batur will be:

  • Entrance ticket to Kintamani and mount Batur
  • Local organizations fee
  • Government tax
  • Transportation and petrol fee
  • Guide fee etc.

Because a lot of payment we need to use, that make the tour provider much give price bit expensive, however the income for the tour company is not more than 20% from total of the payment / service charge.

There are some things that you must consider in choosing a tour provider at a price corresponding to what is included in the price given, that it includes:

  • Make sure the price in mount Batur trekking package already includes the entire entrance ticket to the place you’ve visited during the tour and no hidden prices inside
  • Choose a provider that guarantees the overall tour was a private tour service so you do not need to join with other guests,
  • Select the service that included coffee break package before the trek is begins. It was important as your energy during the journey to the summit of Mount Batur and a cup of coffee will help you to really – really awake,
  • Make sure the package is also included with breakfast at peak of Mount Batur. This is important because the air on the top of this volcano is cold enough that will make you feel hungry, and the breakfast will give you more energy during your journey down / back to the finish point
  • If available, choose a package that also includes a hot spring program. After hiking up and down for about 4 hours, bathing in natural hot spring that comes from activity of Batur volcano will refresh your body at the same time great for relaxing.
  • After swimming and bathing in natural hot springs, this is the perfect time for lunch. Selection of a suitable lunch after climbing on Mount Batur them with Buffet lunch menu in Kintamani or a la carte menu in one of the restaurant of Tegalalang rice field area. And once again make sure everything was included in the package, so you do not choose a cheap price, but in the end the cost is more.
  • Ensure that the tour provider you choose has enough reviews on TripAdvisor from another tour of service in Mount Batur. This is a very important factor, because the reviews from other guest before will also help you to find the right service and useless if the price offered is cheap but the standard of service given is below.

Okay that a few information from us about mount Batur trekking price, hope this blog will  be a helpful  information and do a guidance in choose a right service for you in future.



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