Is It Safe to Climb Mount Batur

Is It Safe to Climb Mount Batur

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Is it safe to climb Mount Batur? That was a question we have commonly heard from the travelers. First of all, we will explain a bit about this mountain to you.

Mount Batur is a volcanic mountain located in the Bangli, Bali. The tourists have been visiting this mountain from years ago due to its gorgeous view of the sunrise over the neighboring volcanoes, Mount Agung and Mount Abang. If you can make it wake up very early and drive to the mountain, you will be experiencing adventurous hiking in the dark and the sunrise is waiting for you.

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#1 How hard is the hike?

When it comes to hiking, you may need to know about how hard the hike would be. If you are an active individual and have a certain level of cardio then you will not find any obstacle to get up there. If you surf the internet, many blogs and advice channels would say that it would be easier if you run up it. However, that statement is not entirely true when it comes to “is it safe to climb Mount Batur”. It will take two hours of hiking (the quickest record with almost no break at all). Also, you are climbing a volcano as tall as 1,717 meters above sea level.

#2 What to wear

Other than the question of “is it safe to climb Mount Batur”, you also need to know the climate and overall temperature of the mountain. The climate and temperature change is real and today will not be the same as tomorrow. Anything you will wear, it is important to wear a comfortable yet proper hiking pair of shows. If the overall season cooler then you better bring a hoodie or sweater.

#3 What to bring

When you hike the mountain, you may need to bring a small rucksack along with waterproof gear, enough water, and also snacks. Bringing along your headlamp will also good for the hiking especially if you go up when the day is still dark. If you are easily hungry then you can bring biscuits or some sandwiches as well.

#4 Bring out your camera

Since the view will be very worth it and it only happens once in a lifetime for some people, it is essential to bring along your camera besides considering about “is it safe to climb Mount Batur”. It is better to leave your tripod unless you are a professional photographer. When the sunrise is going up, the surrounding will be very crowded. This is why you better bring your camera only and enjoy the view while snapping some pictures.

#5 Whom to hike with

Hiking with our Bali Trekking Tour Companies would be the best idea if you plan to hike Mount Batur. There are various packages you can choose and someone will pick you up from the airport and take you to the destinations. Commonly, the price you have paid also includes the fee for a tour guide. There might be options for a group trip and a private hike. And this is the end section of “is it safe to hike Mount Batur”.

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