Kintamani sunrise trekking is the thing that you definitely need to try when going to the island of Bali. Indeed, the breeze of morning wind and the bright sunrise are the two things most people love. However, before trekking, you will need to figure out two things: a good trip company and a good resort for preparing yourself before going to the mountain as well as to have a rest after a tiring trip. Well, the first one is very easy; you just need to contact the Bali Trekking Trip in order to have the best experience. The second one, however, can be found below this paragraph.

  1. Gajah Asri Villa

The first accommodation that you need to visit when having a mount Batur Kintamani sunrise trekking is the villa located at Banjar Pengiyahan named Gajah Asri Villa. This villa has several selling points which definitely will make people wish to go here and one of them is outdoor swimming pool. Besides, the villa also offers you a free Wi-Fi network so that you can consistently get in touch with the world during your vacation. Also, despite its distance to the area of Kintamani is about 15 kilometers, this place is worth mentioning since it simply has everything you need after having an exhaustive trip, such as the relaxing Jacuzzi. If you wish to eat local cuisines with having to look around to get one and getting your Kintamani sunrise trekking experience distracted, then, this villa will be able to satisfy you since it serves many local cuisines as well as the Western ones!

  1. D’Umah Coffee

The next accommodation you should visit is actually a bit of the opposite when compared to the previous one since while the previous one is a luxury resort, this one is a bit of a more modest accommodation to speak of. However, do not let its modest facility lure you away since it is actually the closest accommodation you can find around the area of Kintamani. Therefore, it is the easiest place to get before and after you go for mt Batur sunrise trekking. Fortunately, though, it covers almost all basic needs of what you would expect from an accommodation, such as a restaurant, shared kitchen, as well as the Wi-Fi service. And of course, all rooms have their own private bathroom.

  1. Lakeview Hotel & Restaurant

The other accommodation that you need to know when you are trekking around the area of Kintamani is the hotel located at Panelokan Street, Kintamani. Lakeview Hotel & Restaurant is the luxury hotel that you would definitely want to spend one or two nights inside of one of its rooms since it offers you the best view that would be almost impossible to get in any other places. This Kintamani sunrise trekking resort has a lake view since it is located near the lake and the mount Batur. Besides, if you would like to have a drink, then, you can visit the bar and there are plenty of options to choose. The restaurant, by the way, is awesome since there are so many Asian, Western, and Balinese cuisine you can choose as your dish!

  1. Bali Eco Village

Well, those accommodations mentioned earlier are very great, but they lack a thing: a spa studio. Fortunately, this luxurious resort is the thing you worth spending one night since it is equipped with a spa studio which allows you to get relax properly. Although not many people need to perform spa, having a studio for it is actually a good thing for a hotel since you may use one after your Kintamani sunrise trekking experience!