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Ah, clothing.

This is one of the things that you really need to get right when you are doing basically anything in the world. Do you need to go to that formal party? You have to be wearing formal clothing. Do you want to relax on a beach? You got to dress to relax. Do you want to climb Mount Batur? You also need to dress for the occasion. While you can certainly Mount Batur hike on your tuxedo, that is not something we really recommend unless you are a sucker for committing fashion crimes.

What we recommend, however, is something else entirely different from a tuxedo. We want to recommend you the best fitting Mount Batur clothing ever, and you can make this guide as a sort of your Mecca if you ever need to find a reference for what kind of clothes you should be wearing when you are travelling to Mount Batur.

Should you have a dedicated clothing set if you want to climb Mount Batur?

A dedicated clothing set might be an overstatement. Mount Batur is just like any other mountains out there in the world, so you do not need to have a specific clothing set that you need to wear when you are trying to hike Mount Batur. Just wear something that you are comfortable climbing the mountains with and you are good to go.

That being said, we would be lying if we tell you that you will be a hundred percent A-Okay if you decide to come in an ordinary mountain hiking set. Every mountain in the world got their own ‘specialities’, variations of terrains and perhaps other things related to them. Mount Batur is not exempt from that. There are slight changes off the ordinary mountain clothing that you need to make when talking about Mount Batur clothing.

The clothing changes that you need to make if you are want to hike to Mount Batur

Let us start from the top, shall we?

When you are hiking Mount Batur, you HAVE to bring yourself a cap or at least something that you can use to cover your eyes off. This is not mandatory, but you will come to appreciate it when you are actually hiking the mountain itself. No matter if you are hiking in the dawn or in the afternoon, the sunlight will bother you a lot. You might see less of the sun when you are hiking to see the sunrise, but you need to account for the time when you will be descending the mountain as well.

If you do not have a cap, shades serve a perfect addition to any Mount Batur clothing set, so bring them with you if you got them.

Bali Trekking Trips got an awesome tour package that incorporates sunrise and sunset seeing in it if you are interested. The packages within are cheap, perfect for those travelling alone or with a family. The mount Batur trekking itinerary is simple, too, which is something that you might appreciate.

Now that the top is done with (and the marketing ploy is delivered), let us continue to your torso. Mount Batur can get a bit chilly in the evening and it will be EXTREMELY cold in the morning. We recommend you bring outerwear (sweaters or jackets) if you are hiking in the morning, but ditch them if you are climbing in the evening. Inside, wear something that is comfortable but not too thin. With that, your torso will be fitted with the most suitable Mount Batur clothing.

Wear shorts if you want to, but we want to warn you that Mount Batur got jagged surfaces in some area. This would mean that you will have a higher chance of scratching your legs there. Because of that, we suggest you get yourself long, stretchy pants for both men and women alike.

If you dislike wearing long, stretchy pants, you can always try wearing leggings. Leggings will get stuck on your skin if you get sweaty, though, which can make you very uncomfortable. If you are a man who decides to wear leggings, it will get uncomfortable for others too. Just do not wear a skirt without adding any sort of underpants underneath it because it will not make sense for both women and (ESPECIALLY) men.

Your bottom will be Mouth Batur clothing ready by then, but what about the shoes? If you still wonder about what kind of shoes you should be wearing when you are climbing a mountain, then you are either a lost cause or entirely new to the Bali hiking. The obvious answer to this question is definitely hiking shoes because hiking shoes can practically make you stick to the surface. Not Spiderman level of sticking, of course, but it will lower the chance of you getting slipped on your way up and down.

We hope this article on what to wear as Mount Batur clothing can help you dress properly for the famed mountain, folks.