Mount Batur Bali sunrise trek can’t be separated with visit natural hot springs that is really close the mountain. The Batur hot springs in Kintamani become one of the best tourist attractions, where people can enjoy the uniques of that after tiring from climbing the Mount Batur and this would be give a treat for themselves. Let’s know more about Batur natural hot springs by read this blog.

Where is Batur Natural Hot Spring?

Batur natural hot springs located at Toya Bongkah Village which lies at the base of this mountain. To reach the hot springs is quite easy, you only need few minutes drive from Batur trekking starting point. This village offer a numbers of springs that heated geothermally that you can choose depending with your budget.

Hiking the Mount Batur then do hot spring or more know well with Mt. Batur Sunrise Trek & Natural Hot Spring  will a perfect way to looses your tired muscles after 5 hours climbing this volcano. When you arrive at the Batur natural hot springs area, you will able to see fresh air and wonderful scenery around the hot springs area. You also can see the magnificent views suround the area while do relaxing and soaking in this natural hot spring water.

Toya Bungkah Hot Springs

Give some treat after climbinging Mount Batur is a great idea and natural hot spring at Toya Bungkah is the best place to choose. Not like others hot spring commonly, the hot springs water here not  been influenced by the scent of the sulphuric compound from the volcano. The spring waters is without any sulphuric odor and it is relatively clear and safe for use.

Other fact about this hot spring is if the water can heal several kinds of disease because the waters has some good minerals for skin health. The sulphuric compound found in the water is also clinically proved to be a good source for skin problem remedies, that is why many local and international tourist come to Mount Batur natural hot springs.

Our Mt Batur sunrise trekking company always suggest people to add this natural hot spring into their tour package for some reasons. This site is run by the local community and really reflects the hospitality of local people along with their culture and traditions. The hot water temperature can reach until 40 Celsius it can make you exciting to soak in this hot pool.


Best time for visit this Batur natural hot springs is start from April to September when the Mount Batur weather and Kintamani area is still perfect for hot water bathing even for trekking. On this months in Bali is usually is dry season. Swim, relaxing and soaking in the natural hot water will be one of a great experience for your Bali holiday. Since the water usually gets warmer on early morning, so the best time to soak in the hot pool is on morning time aroud 8-10 am.

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