Have you ever heard about mount Batur sharing tour? This is a tour package that allows you to climb Mount Batur with other groups of trekker that also want to see the sunrise at the top of this mountain. Many trekking service provider has this package to facilitate many needs of their clients. However, before you go and purchase this package, it would be better, if you know what kind of benefits you can get from it.

Save More Budget

It is obvious. If you share the package with other groups, you also need to pay less for that package. The entrance fee to Mount Batur can be considered really expensive these days. Moreover, you also need to pay for many expenses and needs that you may need when you climb Mount Batur. Therefore, by saving your money at least by using mount Batur sharing tour, you can climb without worrying about your budget.

Make New Friends

You will meet with other groups of tourist that you might don’t know. They might come from other countries. Therefore, sharing your climbing experience with them will also create a good relationship. Thus, you will get new friends.

If you try to solo climbing or using the private mount Batur sunrise trekking tour, you won’t get this kind of opportunities. The experience you will get is different. It’s more fun to climb with more people. So, you can talk and chat about anything, which can help you to face many obstacles and challenges during your climbing. And, you can only get it by using the mount batur sharing tour.

Things You Should Remember

Using sharing tour package to climb Mount Batur is indeed fun and beneficial for you. However, you also need to aware and understand several things you might find during your sharing climbing tour.

  • Climbing ability

The climbing ability and physical condition are different between each climber in your shared group. Maybe, you are getting used to climbing with your group, so you know your teammate ability. However, if you climb with other groups that you don’t know at all, their climbing ability might affect yours. In the worst case, the mount batur sharing tour that should be easy and fun can become difficult and hard to do.

  • Crime victim

If the other group consists of bad people, you might need to face some problem during your climbing. They can do something bad to you from simply steal your stuff to do some violence to you. Yes, there will be a guide, but what can a guide do against many people in a group.

The solution to this problem is finding the mount Batur trekking company that can ensure the safety of their clients. It would be better if they also provide insurance for their clients. That way you can have good protection against a problem that might happen.

  • Guide focus

With many group climb together in a mount batur sharing tour, do not expect that the climbing guide will only focus on your group. He will share his attention to other groups. If you are experienced and had climbed Mount Batur before, you won’t have a problem. You can still go to the top with minimum instruction from the guide. However, if you are totally beginner, it could be troublesome.

The Best Trekking Company

Actually, you can solve all problems that we mentioned above, including the guide problem, by using mount batur sharing tour package from the best trekking company, which is Bali Trekking Trip. They don’t only provide the best service for you. But, you also can get the best guide that can give you instruction and help to reach the peak of Mount Batur and enjoy the sunrise.



  • 01.00 – 03.00 pick up at your hotel with air conditioner car
  • 03.15 coffee break service
  • 04.00 arrive at mount Batur trekking start point, meet with your Batur local guide then start for the hike
  • 05.30 arrive at mount Batur peak
  • 06.00 breakfast service : banana sandwich and boiled egg
  • 07.00 trip down and explore the main crater
  • 08.30 – 09.00 arrive at finish point, then drop you back to hotel



Pick Up  Nusa Dua, Jimbaran, Uluwatu: USD 45 / PERSON

Pick Up Kuta, Sanur, Canggu, Sanur: USD 40/ PERSON

Pick Up Ubud and Kintamani: USD 30 / PERSON



  • Pick up and drop off at your hotel
  • All entrance fee
  • Batur local guide
  • Torch
  • Breakfast and drinking water


  • Thin jacket
  • Sun cream
  • Walking shoes
  • Enough money



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