There are two best times to enjoy Mount Batur. First, you can enjoy Mount Batur early in the morning where you can be an eye witness of the most beautiful sunrise. The best part is that you see it from the peak of a volcano mountain. Second, you can go there in the afternoon and wait for the amazing sunset. So, which one do you want to choose the Mount Batur sunset or sunrise? Actually, both of them are cool and let Bali Trekking Trip help your exploration.

Mount Batur Sunset and Sunrise Package

You don’t have to choose whether you have to enjoy sunset or sunrise. In fact, you can enjoy both of them by joining the Mount Batur sunset and sunrise package. The package leads you to enjoy the sunset and night atmosphere at the peak of Mount Batur. The coolest thing is that you have to build a tent as a place to stay at the peak of the mountain. You don’t need to worry because an expert tour guide will guide you to pick the best place to build a tent and enjoy the sunset. This is also a chance to enjoy a special dinner. After that, you have to wake up early in the morning to see the sunrise. It is the most beautiful sunrise and worth it to capture. So, you don’t need to choose to see Mount Batur sunset or sunrise because you can do both.

Mount Batur Sunrise Package

Of course, you can choose to enjoy the beautiful sunrise at the peak of Mount Batur. This is a great package for those who can or challenged to wake up early in the morning and feel the cold weather at Mount Batur. The plan to enjoy the sunrise will be easier with the help of your personal tour guide. They know the best time and spot to enjoy sunrise at Mount Batur. You can enjoy the sunrise for a few minutes. The fun part is not over yet because you can choose the additional destination such as hot spring, swing, rafting, and many more and it depends on the package you take. You don’t have to think too long to decide whether you want to take Mount Batur sunset or sunrise package because you know the answer.

Mount Batur Sunset Package

If wake up early in the morning is your weakness, you can decide to take Mount Batur sunset hike. Indeed, you will get different experience and atmosphere between enjoying sunset and sunrise at Mount Batur. While enjoying the outstanding sunset, you become the eye witness of the transformation from bright and orange colors sky into the dark sky. Then, the weather becomes cooler and there are some stars in the sky. You will be guided by a professional tour guide who leads you to see the sunset from the best spot. The point is that for those who have difficulty to wake up in the morning, you know exactly which one you have to choose between Mount Batur sunset or sunrise package.


The explanation above shows that whether Mount Batur sunset or sunrise package, both of them are amazing. Each of them offers something incredible which you might never see before. There is no reason not to enjoy Mount Batur when you are visiting Bali because you know the solution. Even, by taking the services offered by Bali Trekking Trips, you get more than you are expected. Those are including visiting several interesting places such as a natural hot spring, swinging area, rafting area, coffee plantation and many more. You also have a chance to enjoy special breakfast, lunch, and dinner including boiled egg where the egg is steamed in the Mount Batur lava steam. In the end, if you get confused to choose Mount Batur sunset or sunrise tour company, you can enjoy both!