Mount Batur Sunrise trekking and coffee plantation tour is one of the best package combinations for trekking Mount Batur packages options. If you are confused about finding out about this trekking tour price and what you will get during this tour, then in this blog we will explain it in detail.

In the early morning starting at 01.00 – 03.00 our driver will pick you up right at the hotel lobby / villa where you are staying. The journey to Mount Batur will be in accordance with the distance of your hotel to Kintamani. If you stay in the Kuta area, we will pick you up right at 1:30 am because from Kuta to Mount Batur it will take approximately 2 hours of travel at night by car or motorcycle.

Twenty minutes before arrive at the start point we will drop you at our base camp, where we will give you the first breakfast with hot coffee / tea served with banana chocolate pancakes. Then at around 4.00 am, you will arrive at the trekking start point, here you will meet our mount Batur trekking guide and the climb to the top of Mount Batur begins.

After approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes your climb will arrive at the highest peak of Mount Batur (1,717 meters above sea level). Well, this is the time for our guide to prepare the second breakfast included in this tour package. At 06.00 we serve breakfast just as you watch the sunrise, the breakfast at the summit will include Bananan sandwiches, eggs, cookies, fruits and hot drinks (hot coffee, tea, or chocolates). This might be a very memorable thing for you because of all the food and hot drinks directly at Mount Batur summit on hot volcano steam.

After breakfast at the peak of Mount Batur your trip we will be equipped with a tour around the crater. This is the time for you to take pictures of other images and explore the peak of Mount Batur. Our guide will be happy to help you take some pictures and inform you about the volcano Batur and surround area.
Approximately at 8:30 you have arrived at the finish point and are reunited with our driver. He will bring you to Bali Coffee Plantation located at Tegalalang Bali. In this Bali Coffee Plantation you can try many kinds of Balinese hot drink and you must also try the special drink, it is Luwak Coffee (The most expensive coffee in Bali, that process naturally at stomach of Luwak animal. This coffee can make you feel more fresh after tiring from 4 hours walk at Batur.

Beside from try coffee and others spice drinks, at this place you can also try unique of Bali swing (you must try this too if you are not afraid with high altitude) and take some more beauty picture with rice field for the background.

Well, that is a few details from us about Mount Batur Sunrise Trekking and Coffee Plantation Tour. Don’t hesitate to contact us for any question, we will glad to answer all your inquiries via:
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