Do you ever use the mount Batur trekking companies? Well, adventure tourism for nature lovers is climbing Mount Batur. This trekking will be a complimentary holiday on the island of Bali. After you are satisfied you visit tourist attractions in Bali such as beautiful beaches, rice field terraces, lake, mountain and temple views. So, enjoying the sunrise from the summit of Mount Batur should not be wasted.

General View about Batur Mount

Mount Batur is an active volcano on the island of Bali and has erupted many times. The last time it erupted was in 2004, the greatest eruption occurred in 1926 which had hoarded the village of Batur and temples Ulun Danu with its lava. The mount Batur trekking companies will help you to understand more about this.

Besides the history of the eruption which was quite terrible, Mount Batur kept a million charms of beauty. Not only hiking tours for adventure lovers like me, but also natural hot water Toya Bungkah that I can enjoy while looking at the views of Lake Batur after exhausted climbing.

This mountain is no less interesting than Mount Agung in Karangasem. Where Mount Batur has the largest Caldera in the world, inside the Caldera, there is a lake shaped like a crescent moon named Lake Batur. The beauty of Lake Batur is what attracts tourists and climbers. For those of you who want to enjoy adventuring to Mount Batur. Choose the best the mount Batur trekking companies for climbing and enjoying the Mount Batur Bali.

Climbing Bali’s Batur Mountain and Sunrise’s Beauty

Doing the climb to the summit of Mount Batur can be done in the morning and evening with the aim of watching the beauty of the sunrise or sunset, but the time that is popoler for climbing Mount Batur is in the morning to witness the beauty of the sunrise. Climbing this mountain is certainly a fun adventure or adventure tour, very suitable for beginners because it only takes about 2 hours to get to the top, faster than if climbing Mount Agung because it takes 4 hours to peak 2 and 6 hours to peak 1.

According to information from the local guide or a guide of the mount Batur trekking companies, every day an average of 70 people climb Mount Batur, so you are not alone, this is also what causes climbing to Mount Batur to be more fun, especially hiking with groups. When your climb is accompanied by an experienced guide from the local guide association formed in the Mount Batur Climbing Guides Association.

To enjoy the beauty of Mount Batur, you can use the services of Bali Trekking Trip. This company provides mount Batur packages as its best program. You do not need to be worried because the package of mount Batur trekking is given specially for you as someone who intends to use this guide service of one of the best the mount Batur trekking companies and also you intend to skip the inclusion of transportation. Then, how about the schedule if you use this service?

Below are the explanations:

At 03.15 a.m., you will have a time of meeting with the guide of mount Batur trekking at a special place, that is a restaurant of coffee break. In this wonderful place, you will enjoy hot tea or coffeeand also banana pancake. You may also enjoy many fresh fruits.

At 03.45 a.m., the guide of this company will drive you up to the start point of Mount Batur.

At 04.00 a.m., you will begin trekking to the summit of Batur. Then, you will arrive at the summit of Batur at 05.30-06.00 a.m.

At 06.15 a.m., you will have a service of breakfast. At this time, you enjoy your breakfast while waiting for the sunrise. You will have many kinds of breakfast meal, such as a warm sandwich of banana, fruit, egg, cake, and also hot drinks like coffee, chocolate, or tea.

At 07.00 a.m., you will be guided to continue your trip. You and the team will walk around the crater of Mount Batur and you will back down by following the same way.

Then, at 08.30-09.00 a.m., your trip has finished. It means that you have arrived at the finish point of mount Batur trekking.

Those are the simple explanations about one of the mount Batur trekking companies.

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