Mount Baturi s one of the most popular place for visit in Bali. On TripAdvisor, mount Batur is become the best destination for visit in Kintamani Bali. Mount Batur is the right choise if you love trekking this is must not be missed out. Mount Batur is active volcano in Bali Indonesia. The activity from this volcano you can see from gaps of the ground and surround the lava rocks with sulfur smoke at the top of Batur. Mount Batur has height 1,717 meters above the sea level it with some times really cold and foggy especially on the morning time before sun is rising.

For some people’s do hiking at mountain is never easy especially for who are don’t have experienced enough. On the way up, you pass will be barriers and many steep, but when you arrive at the top you will able to see beauty view suround the area plus look the beauty sunrise will make your tiring go on. Although you doesn’t have enugh hiking experience, it will not exaggerating if you know more things to be prepared before starting to do the Mount Batur Sunrise Trekking in Bali.

The best scenery for mount Batur is the sunrise view, so it also means that you must do the track at night or early morning. So, before going to do Mount Batur Sunrise Trek you must prepare some things like:

1. Find the right time to do trekking in Bali. November to March is rainy season time in Bali. The temperature during raining season is around 8 – 15 degree of Celsius; it is quite cold but also refreshing.So, the most proper time for do mount Batur trekking is around April – October.

2. Choose a Mount Batur trekking company with reasonable price and have good reviews about mount Batur trekking on TripAdvisor. In Bali many tour companies offer service for mount Batur sunrise trekking, but Bali Trekking Trip can be a good choice, cause we offer cheaper price than many others companies sell. We have enough positive reviews and great services that already wrote by our previous costumer on TripAdvisor. And now, we are also become one of the best mount Batur trekking company in Bali.

3. Have enough rest a day before you start your mount Batur trek. Will much better if a day before the trek you use time for take a rest in the hotel, so when our driver come for picking you up, you will fit and ready to start your adventure.

4. Prepare the tools and equipment you need for hike. If you book with us, we will provide foods, drinks,  trekking poles, and head lamp. But, because sometime the mount Batur weather is quite cold, you need prepare other things like gloves, jackets, and good elastic long pants. Beside from that thing, please also remember to bring shoes with good grip or hiking shoes if available.

If all the thing above you have prepare well, we believe your trekking will getting easier. Don’t fprget also to following Mount Batur Trekking TripAdvisor that already provided by our Bali trekking and tour company, in there tell itinerary as well. If you use our trekking tour service, you should not worry about because our company provides a picking up service, excellent mount batur guide, enough foods and drinks etc. For make sure you doesn’t late to see the sunrise, please make sure you are ready in your hotel lobby accrording with pick uo time that we will send you details a day before the trip.

When you arrive at the mount Batur trekking starting point, this is also means your main activity must be started and the best time for start the hike is on 4.00 am. The Mount Batur height itself is actually average compared with other mountain and volcanoes in Indonesia and also others mountain from other areas in the world. The climbing process is quite short as well and take only 1.5 – 2 hours. When you are arrive at the top of Batur volcano, it is commonly still about several minutes before the sunrise.

After some minutes , this is time to see the sunrise from Mount Batur. If you luck enough you can look if the sunrise here is extremely beautiful and stunning. Sometime the view is outstanding in which the surrounding of the top of the mount Batur is foggy and cover the view, but this is nature and really hard to predict.

Finally, your trip to see the sunrise at the top of Mount Batur is over. After being satisfied with the entire scenery, explore the crater and taking some pictures, on 7.00 – 7.30 am it is the time to go back. Times for leaving the summit takes about one and a half hours.

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