Exploring Mount Batur Volcano might be your coolest adventure while spending time in Bali. You have to prepare your stamina because you are about to pass through a long route with different kinds of obstacles. That’s why you have to bring everything you need such as foot, jacket, medicine, shoes, and many more. Actually, you can prepare the exploration well by using a trusted trekking service such as Bali Trekking Trips. One of their best services is Mount Batur volcano sunrise trekking tour with breakfast. What kind of trekking and breakfast you will get from the service? Let’s find out.

Private Tour

If you just want to have fun in this trekking, you can take a private tour mount Batur trekking package. This private tour package guides to Mount Batur to see the amazing sunrise. You will start the Mount Batur trekking for sunrise at 01.15 early in the morning from the hotel. Before starting the trekking, you will drink a cup of coffee to boost your spirit. It is a great Mount Batur volcano sunrise trekking tour with breakfast because the route is quite along with tropical forest.

So, what kind of breakfast you enjoy in this package? There are several foods you can enjoy in this trekking package including banana sandwich, cookies, biscuits, fruits, and steamed eggs. Plus, you will get another cup of hot coffee. You are enjoying the beautiful sunrise at 04.00 a.m. and breakfast at 06.00 a.m.

Mount Batur Sunrise Hiking

For those who need more than just a fun trip, you may join the Mount Batur sunrise hiking package. The route is more challenging than the other Mount Batur volcano sunrise trekking tour with breakfast packages. The special part is breakfast and destination. You are not only enjoying the fantastic scenery and sunrise of Mount Batur volcano but you also have a great opportunity to visit a place to process the most expensive coffee in the world.

The time to finish this Mount Batur volcano sunrise trekking tour with breakfast package is longer than the private tour package, so there is an extra service such as a cup of hot coffee or tea and fried banana before the exploration and hot chocolate and boiled egg which is steamed on the Mount Batur lava rock steam. After exploring the surrounding and enjoying the beautiful sunrise, the tour guide guides you to a restaurant to have a buffet breakfast. It is a special breakfast not only because of the taste of the food but also because you can enjoy the breakfast along with the lake and Mount Batur view as the background.

Group Tour

If you want to explore Mount Batur with your friends or family, you can choose another Mount Batur volcano sunrise trekking tour with breakfast package known as a group tour package. This package is designed for a small group consists of 4 to 6 travelers. It is a perfect package for a group of travelers because the price is cheaper.

Just like the other packages mentioned above, your group will get several services. First, you will get a cup of hot coffee before the exploration to boost your energy. Second, you have a chance to enjoy a delicious banana sandwich and a boiled egg. The egg is boiled in the Mount Batur lava rock steam and it might be your first experience eating a boiled egg steamed in natural steam.

By taking one of the packages, you don’t need to get confused anymore about what to prepare. The professional tour guide explains to you the most important items to bring in the trekking. Moreover, you don’t need to bring too many foods because you know that our Mount Batur volcano sunrise trekking tour serves the best breakfast for you.