Some people want to know about the Mount Batur weather before they hike the mountain. Of course, understanding the surrounding condition is really helping your hiking, considering it is one of many factors that could make or break your trip. Still, Mount Batur has its own charm that could attract so many visitors even though they must hike 1,717 meters tall above sea level. Visitors would do anything to witness such a stunning sunrise.

Bali Trekking Trip

Are you interested in this trip? Bali Trekking Trip will help you to get the best experience while hiking Mount Batur. This tour and travel company has been serving many people for at least seven years now. With a bunch of experience, you will get an unforgettable memory in this vacation. There are various types of tour package offered by this Bali sunrise trekking tour company and you can choose it according to your budget and needs. Besides, you really need to purchase a package so you can enjoy your trip.

Best time to hike

There is no such thing as a bad time to visit Bali. However, the season and climate will determine if you can hike or not. July is considered the best month to visit Bali. Regardless of what month you will visit the island, it is better to make sure that it is not currently in the wet season because the rain could be very annoying. The sun will go up at 6 am at the local time. And Mount Batur weather is commonly between 20 and 10 degrees Celsius.

Back then, it is very possible to hike the mountain on your own. However, the regulation has changed and you will need to bring a licensed guide with you to get up there, considering how dangerous and extreme the routes. There were many tourists had seriously injured due to so many things. If you purchase a vacation package from Bali Trekking Trip, your Mount Batur tour will be accompanied with a professional guide and you do not need to bargain for the price.

Tips to hike Mount Batur

When you decide to have a trip to the mountain after knowing Mount Batur weather, it is important to pay attention to what you wear and bring. For some people, the weather is fine. However, it could be pretty cold as well especially once you have reached the summit and it could be pretty cold until the sun gets up. This is why you need your jacket and some layers in your bag.

The tracks would be windy and there might be obstacles here and there. You need to use your comfortable pair of shoes and make sure that those are the proper type of shoes for hiking. If possible, you must wear your trekking shoes because the road can be slippery especially when the weather is not good.

Since Mount Batur temperature is a bit cold and you must start your hiking at 2 in the morning, you will need to bring your headlamp. There are no lamps on your way to reaching the summit. A flashlight is fine but it will cause another trouble when you need your hands on the trail. Other than that, you need to prepare your cardio before hiking because even though it is not necessarily a difficult track to conquer, you may find it pretty tiring if you have not reached a certain level of cardio.

Anything you need to know about the mountain as well as the Mount Batur weather, you can call Bali Trekking Trip. We will be happy to help you and you can choose your own trip package according to your need. Also, we can make a customized trip. And this is the end section of Mount Batur weather.

Mount Batur Weather 

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