Visiting Ubud is a must for travelers who are taking a holiday in Bali. Ubud has a variety of interesting destinations. If you want to enjoy something different while in Ubud you can take an interesting package such as Ubud sunrise trekking. This trekking package is offered by Bali Trekking Trips. Just check the detail below to know the interesting activities while joining this trekking package. The package is trying to serve something unforgettable and worth it with friends through your social media accounts. The view is amazing and a perfect way to relax body and mind for a while.

Beautiful Sunrise

The best attraction in Ubud is the beautiful sunrise. Bali Trekking Trips has a variety of Ubud sunrise trekking packages. The packages are designed with the best itinerary so you can see and capture the most beautiful sunrise in Bali. One of the popular trekking in Ubud is Mount Batur Sunrise Trekking. You are about to walk through the best route to achieve the peak of Mount Batur. Then, you can enjoy the beautiful sunrise from the peak. You don’t need to get confused because the team from the service offers the schedule to achieve the plan to capture the sunrise.

Delicious Breakfast

The mt Batur sunrise trekking from Ubud is perfect along with the delicious breakfast. The breakfast is various and cooked with local recipes and even a unique cooking process. You can enjoy the delicious taste of the banana cake, banana sandwich, cookies, and Balinese mixed rice. The waiter delivers a cup of fresh hot tea or coffee. The interesting part is that you can enjoy a boiled egg which cooked in the natural hot spring. Even, the coffee is made from the most expensive coffee in the world, Luwak coffee.


Enjoying the sunrise from the peak of Mount Batur is not the only great outdoor activity you can do but you can also do an extreme activity such as rafting. In this Ubud sunrise trekking, you are guided to go to a river namely Ayung River. The river has a unique path and it is a great option for beginner rafters. Another interesting part is the clear river water along with amazing natural scenery. The package is suitable for men and women who want to explore Ayung River in a different and unique way. At the end of the rafting, the local guide gives you a chance to take a bath and enjoy delicious lunch at the Rafting Restaurant.

Coffee Plantation

Visiting Ubud seems incomplete without seeing the coffee plantation. The coffee plantation in Ubud is a special one because this is the place where the most expensive coffee is made. This is also the place where you can capture a funny animal namely Luwak which helps the making process of the coffee. The coffee beans from Luwak becomes the most expensive coffee in the world. The best part of this Ubud Bali sunrise trekking is that you can also taste a cup of the world’s expensive coffee. The combination of the beauty of the plantation and delicious hot coffee makes your exploration feel complete. It might be the happiest day of your life.

Temple and Rice Field

The Ubud sunrise trekking package is more interesting because you can enjoy the beauty of a rice field at Tegalalang. The rice field is cultivating traditionally based on Balinese tradition and culture. This is a great place for those who want to share some photos. Then, the service guides you to visit Tirta Empul Temple or Holy Water Temple to see the amazing ancient buildings as well as its history. The last thing to do is visiting Ubud Traditional Market and you can buy great items made by Balinese craftsmen for a special gift. All of the services are offered by Bali Trekking Trips. So, just check the detail and book your best Ubud sunrise trekking package.

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