There are several Bali trekking tour service along with its variety of packages. The packages look interesting but not all of them are suitable for your need. It is important to choose your Bali trekking tour selectively so you get what you are expected while spending a holiday in Bali. One of the recommended Bali trekking tour services is Bali Trekking Trips. Learn the best Bali trekking packages you can enjoy when you are joining the service. By choosing the best trekking service and package, you feel the excitement of exploring the hidden places in Bali where most travelers don’t know about it yet.

Group Trekking Tour to Mount Batur

Trekking with your best friends and colleagues is the best moment. Group trekking to Mount Batur is the best tour for your Bali trekking tour. The benefit of joining this trekking is that you get a cheaper ticket to enter Mount Batur. The member of the group to join the trekking tour is also easy to achieve. The trekking tour is for a small group from 2 to 6 passengers. Moreover, your group will be guided by a professional local guide from Batur. The guide shows the best route to get to the peak of Mount Batur based on the schedule. Here, you are not only enjoying the surrounding of the mount but also the sunrise and the sensation of eating a boiled egg which cooked in the hot spring.

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Mount Batur sunrise view

Mount Batur Trekking and Swinging at Tegalalang  

If you want to enjoy more than just beautiful scenery and sunrise, you can take the Mount Batur trekking and swing at Tegalalang package. This is also a recommended option for your Bali trekking tour due to the great experience you will get. There are several activities you will do by following this package. First, you will explore the route to Mount Batur. Second, you can enjoy the amazing scenery from the peak of Mount Batur. Third, you have a chance to go to the Mount Batur main crater. Fourth, you can continue the excitement by swinging at Tegalalang. During the exploration, you can enjoy some delicious menu such as hot coffee, banana pancake, boiled egg, Bali spices, and many more.

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Tegalalang Bali swing

Mount Batur Trekking and Rafting

Mount Batur trekking and rafting package is set as your Bali trekking tour, especially for you who love to do something extreme and pumping your adrenaline. The package is started by trekking to the peak of Mount Batur. When you arrive at the peak, the local guide brings you to the best spot where you can capture the outstanding sunrise. Just imagine that you are enjoying the sunrise at the peak of an active volcano in Bali. You are enjoying the sunrise while eating special breakfast such as a banana sandwich, egg, biscuits, cookies, and a hot drink. Then, you go to the next main activity where the local guide brings you to Ayung River in Ubud for rafting. What a perfect holiday, right?

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Ayung river water rafting tour

Mount Batur Trekking and Swimming in Hot Spring

It is a good option for those who want to relax your body and mind after trekking. First, the professional local guide brings you to the peak of Mount Batur to enjoy the amazing view there with Mt Batur sunrise trekking & natural hot spring. Second, they give you a chance to go to a hot spring namely Toya Devasya Hot Spring. To complete your Bali trekking tour, you can stay for a while in a specific place such as at Lake View Restaurant to drink hot herbal tea and coffee, banana carrot nut cake, chocolate cake, banana sandwich, egg, fruit, cookies, and many more. Indeed, you can be relaxing your body and mind and run away from the crowd for a while.

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Batur Natural Hot Spring

The list above shows that trekking to Mount Batur is your Bali trekking tour. It serves more than just the amazing view from the peak but also interesting activities you must try such as swimming in a hot spring, swinging, and rafting. The Bali trekking tour to Mount Batur served by Bali Trekking Trips is a perfect package to explore Bali in a different way. The combination makes your Bali trekking tour experience become an unforgettable one and worth it to share with friends.

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