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Association of Mount Batur Trekking

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Mount Batur Kintamani Bali is a mountain that has a height of 1717 meters above sea level. Basically this mountain is a baby mountain that formed after a large eruption occurred about 30,000 years ago. According to research experts, this famous mountain with sunrise trekking tour has a height of up to 4,000 meters from sea level.

Since the year 2000, climbing activities in Mount Batur are managed by an integrated body of mount Batur guide which is better known as the Association of Mount Batur Trekking Guide. Well in this blog, we will explain in detail about the institution that consists of about 60 of these guides.

Association of mount Batur trekking guide was once established by 15 main members who later developed into 60 main members. Of the 60 main members then have more than 5 assistant guide. This association is also known as HPPPGB.

Basically the primary responsibility of the 60 main members of the Association of mounted Batur trekking is to ensure all tourists who make the climb to Mount Batur have a worthy guide. Each one mount Batur trekking guide can do for maximizes 5 tourists, and sometimes in high season as in June, July and August the number of available guides is insufficient. Therefore it would be better if you do online booking first and make sure you get a guide that has experienced even based reviewed through TripAdvisor.

Currently many companies where they offer service for mount Batur especially for sunrise trekking tour. Will much better if you choose the company that you offer private tour so you can have your own guide and your own trip.

Before you start for hiking at mount Batur volcano, all of staff on Bali trekking tour company will make payment at the mount Batur Association. The payment will use for pay the guide fees, entrance fee to Mount Batur, local tax and government tax. Too many payments we need to pay for this hiking tour, that’s why mount Batur trekking price is seem expensive.

From those payments, the members in the Batur mount association guide will ensure the guides they provide already have enough experience and special certification. Members or team at Association of mount Batur guide will also be responsible if during your trip in Batur mountain area.

Currently the Association of Mount Batur trekking guide is divided into two parts located at two main trekking starting point, it is at Jati Temple and at Toya Bungkah. In both trekking starting points, the members of the association every day starting at 3 am duty to ensure the number of working guides are fulfilled and also to handle any payment you have to do before starting the climb.

They will also monitor every point of the climb, and if there is a known tourist try for do trekking at mount Batur without guide, they will guide and suggest to use guide services from the association. But if they still decide to climb without using guide services, then this association will not care about them if things happen that are not expected.

Well, even though trekking at mount Batur is relatively easy and can be taken only in one to two hours walking up it is advisable to use the guide service from an associate that is on the mount Batur trekking starting point. This will provide job opportunities to hundreds of local guides and also give you a sense of security during the trip.

And do not hesitate for contact us if you need full service including mount Batur guide, pick up and drop service, breakfast etc. We will provide a well-certified guide from the association and have enough reviews on TripAdvisor. The price for mount Batur trekking that we offer is start from USD 40 / person (private tour), for more information or better if you contact us through email: or WhatsApp:+6281353230036

That’s our info about mount Batur association trekking guide, hopefully is helpful and be your guidelines while finding information about mount Batur trekking. Thank you and we looking forward to meet you soon !!!

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