Hi for Bali tourist who have plan to come mount Batur in future, maybe lot from you ask about possible or not to do mount batur sunrise trekkking without take a guide? That is impossible if you are come to this volcano at first time. We always suggest you to use our Mount Batur sunrise trekking service and we promise you will get great experience with us.

But, if you still decide to go mount Batur sunrise trekking without take a guide let check what you need to do:

Knowing About the Trekking Entrance or Starting Point

This is the first thing you need to do if do hiking without a guide, you will not know where the mount Batur trekking starting point. You may can ask local people who you have meet in there, but they may will not give you accurate information and they also will suggest you to go to mount Batur trekking office and get a guide from there.

One of the best solution for this condition is try to finding the signboard. Some of the signboards from Bali goverment about mount Batur trek also tell you if that you can’t do this trek without a guide. Some signboards may will a least give you information about the route you can take to reach the summit. However, please note there may still have some problems you need to face while you follow this sign.

Scam by the Local

During the trip to mount Batur summit, you will mett with the local trekking organization and they will charge you for take a trekking guide and pay entrance fee before starting your hike here. You can read some review about mount batur trekking review from many travellers, some of them had been attacked by the local because don’t give money to the local association of mount Batur trekking guide. How can you avoid this problem?

We tell you two solutions for this condition:

1. Carry enough cash to pay them.

After you pay them, we not guaranteed that they still let you through, but at least by bring some cash you can negotiate with them there. If you can do act friendly & also try harmless with the local, you can slip pass through. Please note if there are several points that have these guards like this.

2. Use Our Tour Service

We believe by use our tour service is the best solution for avoid from this problem. Bali Trekking Trip can be one of the best mount Batur trekking company you can find. Our company will provide you everything to make sure your Mount Batur sunrise trekking be the best experience ever while in Bali.

What Bali Trekking Trip Offer

Let’s skip your mind from plan to do mount Batur sunrise trekking without take a guide and check what our company provide to make your mount Batur trekking trip become memorable:

1. Pick Up and Transfer Service

We have comfortable car with full air-conditioned and glad to pick you everywhere in your Bali hotel. During the journey from hotel to trekking starting point you can take time to sleep in our car, so you will more fit when the hike is starting. If you come without guide and drive by your own, may you will feel sleepy during the way back to hotel and it will really dangerous for your safety.

2. Experienced Mount Batur Trekking Guide
We promise to provide the best mount Batur trekking guide for you. You can check into our previous reviews on TripAdvisor about our Mt Batur guide, and all of them say very luck to use our service. That is also be a reason why by use our trekking service is much better than do without a guide.

Our trekking guide also can speak good English. You can ask any qusetions with them about Mount Batur and other things suuround the area. It also will fun to meet a new friend who can talk with you during your trekking at this beauty mountain.

3. We Provide Enough Foods and Good Hiking Equipment

We prepare hiking equipment such as walking pole and head light for make your sunrise hike feel much easier. Even we provide enough food for your hike, start from coffee break with hot drinks and pancake before the trek, light breakfast at summit and also we make sure you have enough drinking waters. So, you not need to carry that things and not need to bring your own pole or lamps.

4. No Hidden Fees

All our package will covers all the entrance fees that you need to pay during do this mount Batur sunrise trekking in Kintamani. Please don’t worry about the fee such as entrance fee to the Kintamani area (IDR 31.000 / pax) and entrance fee to Mount Batur (IDR 100.000 / person) all of that is cover in one price.

5. We Provide Many Combination Tour for Mount Batur Sunrise Trek

We will not only give you help to reach Mount Batur peak and enjoy a beautiful sunrise then back to hotel aferward. But, if you interest we will also take you visiting Batur natural hot springs and even visit to Bali coffee plantation on the way back to hotel with free charge to waiting. We combine all of that activities in mt. Batur Sunrise Trek & Natural Hot spring.

Back again if do mount Batur sunrise trekking without a guide is doable. However, please remember if that you will need a lot of lucks and courage, plus lost some money for avoid from any danger and obstacle that you will find or in the simplest word, do mount Batur sunrise trekking without a guide is only for you who have a lot of experiences before.

Then, if you want have more comfortable Mount Batur sunrise trekking, please skip your mind from plan to go mount Batur sunrise trek without guide and use our service is recommended. We provide everything that you need during the tour. We also promise you will get the best experience in Bali, so don’t hesitate to contact us as we ready for help you any time to enjoy the beauty sunrise at Mount Batur.


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