If you wish to climb the Mount Batur, then, you should understand Ubud to Mount Batur transport. Although it is not one of the most difficult mountains to beat, the real challenge is to find a decent transport to get you there. Well, indeed, most people wish to go to the mountain since they hear that the atmosphere and the sunrise offered when you have reached the peak are the things that not many things are capable to beat. Unfortunately, though, they come without adequate preparations and they fail to get the highest level of satisfaction. Therefore, you will need to read and conduct research about the Ubud to Mount Batur transport before heading to the mountain.

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Quick facts about Mount Batur

Before we start talking about the transportations you can take in order to reach the mountain, we should be talking about the mountain itself! Mount Batur is one of the most important mountains that are considered to be sacred by the people of Bali since it is considered to be the oldest mountain on the island. Also, since the land around the mountain is very fertile, it is no wonder why most of the farmers love to stay around the mountain. It is also a good place to stay since although it is a volcano, it is pretty stable and it rarely erupts since its last eruption was almost 20 years ago. Although finding a transport from Ubud for Mount Batur sunrise hike is not easy, it is very rewarding since the scenery is second to none!

Transportations to the mountain

Okay, it has been previously mentioned that finding a decent transportation service is not a thing that can be accomplished easily. The reason why it is difficult to find a public transportation to the mountain is simply that the location is too remote and too challenging to access. So, what are you supposed to do in order to reach the beautiful volcano? Definitely, you would not want to let your dream shattered just because you could not find a decent vehicle to go at the place, would you? Do not worry; there are still some options of Ubud to Mount Batur transport that you can choose!

  1. By shuttle bus

As previously stated, finding a public transportation is almost impossible since no public buses go to the mountain, going to the place by using a shuttle bus is still possible since there are several shuttle buses that you can take to go to the mountain but you will have to travel in a group of two or more in order to reach Mount Batur. Unfortunately, returning from the mountain is pretty difficult since the shuttle buses only bring people to the mountain but not from it- you will have to rely on an online-based transportation.

  1. By using bemo (localized taxi)

Bemo is actually the Ubud to Mount Batur transport option you may choose but it is very risky to do so. First, you will need to be brave to stop one waving hand signs since there is no bemo terminal available around Ubud and Mount Batur. However, you need to keep in mind that you should take this kind of transportation only during the early hours since no bemos are still in service after 12:00 PM.

  1. By using private vehicles or by renting one

Well, the easiest way to reach the mountain is actually by using a vehicle of your own; be it a car or a motorcycle. Alternatively, you can rent one of them and it can be found easily around the island since there are many companies for mount Batur trekking which offer it. Also, if you wish to make things easier, you may want to arrange a service by a tour company like Bali Trekking Trip since it offers a shuttle service so that you can be picked up from your hotel and you will be brought to the mountain easily. Besides, going home is also easy since it also delivers you to the hotel after you have finished your trip. Well, those are the options for the Ubud to Mount Batur transport